Net-a-Porter is one of our favorite spots to scope out new bags (and other things, obviously), and every season, they come out with the oh-so-helpful Net-a-Porter Bag Guide for our perusal. Fall 2010’s contains 50 beautifully-shot bags that they’ll be carrying for the upcoming season, and you’d be well-advised to go take a look and see what’s on the bag horizon.

Click here for the Net-a-Porter Bag Guide!

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  • Staci

    Amanda, Net-a-Porter is one of my favorite stores too. Have you seen their new bag video?

  • swati

    i love the marc jacobs in the above picture …… the yellow just pops out …… but it must be the lighting, for all i can find are muted camel or gray

  • helen

    Looks like a very fun and comprehensive site. (ipad)

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