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Nancy Gonzalez Shiny Crocodile Tote

I have never been a huge fan of red, that is on me. Red is really a bold color and while I’d love to pull it off all the time (especially on my lips!), my skin tone, hair, and eyes, just don’t work perfectly with it. It is probably just be in general. But in recent years I have learned to implement it in small pieces in my wardrobe, especially when I need to wear some Ohio State colors (Go BUCKS!!!). Always amazing quality and stunning colors, Nancy Gonzalez has gone big again with the Nancy Gonzalez Shiny Crocodile Tote which is available in rockin’ cherry Caiman Fuscus crocodile. Simple tote design with a shoulder stap and open top, lined in suede, and featuring inner pockets, this tote is a perfect bold red statement. Measurements are 12 1/4″H x 14 1/2″W x 5″D. I am fairly confident that I could pull off this tote with jeans and a white tee shirt or dress it up at night and look ravishing. Totally eye-catching through Saks for $3600.

Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Clutch

Who needs more clutter in their life? My life is so hectic I can barely see straight and get my socks on my feet and my fingers in my gloves. Anything accessory that is simple enough to describe in one line and leaves a lasting impression from looks alone has done its job in my opinion. If you crave exotic handbags, Nancy Gonzalez does a fine job of exotic skins (especially crocodile) and makes a bag that is not too done up that you can’t un-do it. Take your pick of color, from ravishing and sultry red, to basic and elegant black, to playful gray (looks bluish to me), in the Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Clutch which features a flap top. Simple, sweet, and oh so sexy. That red would look so sexy with a nice pair of heels and exquisite jewelry. I am in love. Buy any, or all 3, through Bergdorf Goodman for $1150.

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Nancy Gonzalez Silver Ring Lizard Clutch If this bag were at the $1 store, I would not buy it. Yet this bag is at Saks and costs $1 times 1,350. GASP you say, and I agree. Nancy Gonzalez handbags are known for their exotic skins and typically she puts out some great items. Sometimes designs crash and burn and the Nancy Gonzalez Silver Ring Lizard Clutch is on its downward spiral. Silver lizard skin provides the base for leaf imprint detail on this fug bag. Honestly, at least opt for flower detail. No one wants to look at a aimless wandering leaf pattern on silver lizard skin. Nancy, stick with exotics but please, please, please do not drag yourself down with tacky colors and odd imprints. Pre-order via Saks for $1350.

Nancy Gonzalez Latticework Crocodile Tote

Yesterday was a day full of exploring the Village and SoHo. I am not going to lie; I spent a pretty penny and wished I had quite a few more to spend. The area is lined with store after store of designer goods. I checked out Chanel SoHo to only fall in love with the unpractical and pricey Chanel Luggage. What I did notice was for every posh woman there was a gorgeous bag. I carried my Chloe Paddington Tote proudly but started to drool at an exotic bag I saw. A beautifully tall and skinny blonde lady passed by me quickly carrying a Black Croc Birkin. No lies- it was STUNNING. But I haven’t won the lotto and I can’t afford a beauty like that anytime soon. So in order to appease my croc obsession, Nancy Gonzalez offers crock bags for a bite more affordable price. The Nancy Gonzalez Latticework Crocodile Tote is designed with black crocodile latticework and a croc top handle. Exotic and different, this bag is available through Bergdorf Goodman for $1350.

Nancy Gonzales Woven Crocodile ToteDid any of you ever do the paper-mache strings on top of a inflated balloon? Umm you know, to make the perfect easter egg basket holder? Maybe that was just me. But pretend you are in Finding Neverland and put on your imagination hat and picture that. Now look at this Nancy Gonzalez Woven Crocodile Tote and tell me you don’t see the same thing? The key to this exercise is IMAGINATION! Anyhow, whether you followed along or not I’m really digging this fun and totally unique style set up by Nancy Gonzalez. Here is what is so cool: The tote is made of straw and then finished off with mayhem weaving of crocodile straps. The craziness of the croc straps comes together for a triple strap shoulder strap. Also this funky number has an open top with toggle closure, nothing but the finest suede lining, and an inside zip pocket. The bag measures 6″H x 12″W x 4 1/4″D and is made in Columbia. I wonder if they include some fresh Colombian coffee beans for the hefty price of $895 at Bergdorf Goodman. Probably not.

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