Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Box Clutch
Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Box Clutch

Oh how this clutch has me jumping for joy!! Sure it is winter many places, but spring is upon us and I am getting ready to book a trip to Bermuda. In Bermuda, the island surrounded by beautiful water and white and blue homes, a bright color will surely pop. I have always had a thing for Nancy Gonzalez exotics, especially her crocodile.

Nancy Gonzalez Lizard Clutch

Right now I am vacationing in the land of the fun and funky; Key West, Florida. People here are walking around in bikinis, sandals, shorts, and soaking up the sun. This has been the perfect transition after a cold but beautiful stay in Germany. The bars are hopping at every hour of the day in Key West and the clothing options are flashy and optional.

Nancy Gonzalez Flap Croc Clutch

Today has been a day of croc, including the lush and stunning Hermes Croc Birkin I saw while at lunch today. After showing both Britney and Eva with their croc Hermes bags, the Hermes gods must have thought they would tempt me just a tad more. As I carried out my new Birkin (pics coming soon!), there was a head-to-head game of handbag chicken.

Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile and Python Satchel

Fresh and alluring, I absolutely love the combination of two exotics in the Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile & Python Satchel. The olive python trim ribbons above the pleated crocodile front of the bag, adding a stunning exotic touch. The gunmetal Caiman fuscus crocodile is a color that means business while remaining completely stylish. There are shoulder straps that feature a 6″ drop and a double zip top closure.

Nancy Gonzalez Large Ruched Crocodile Clutch

When fall rears her beautiful head, all of us fashionistas better be prepared. For me fall means a ton of traveling, galas, and events. I must be adorned with the perfect ensemble, from head to toe. Nancy Gonzalez always delivers with her crocodile handbags and the framed top and ruched body of the Nancy Gonzalez Large Ruched Crocodile Clutch is the perfect evening bag.

Nancy Gonzalez Ruched Crocodile Satchel

And she is at it again. The highly touted crocodile bag designer, Nancy Gonzalez, toned down the bright and jumping colors, to release exquisite mature and work friendly colors. The Nancy Gonzalez Ruched Crocodile Satchel is sophisticated chic and ready for the working lady, available in the grown up but not washed out colors of olive green or caramel crocodile. The shape is sophistication, the gold tone hardware is the perfect accent, the ruched body is subtle, and the double zip top is practical.

Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Satchel

No need to only carry safe colors in your handbag wardrobe. Personally, I would indulge in bright and bold colors as much as possible, especially with the bright summer months ahead of us. A shape that is classic and reminiscent of the LV Alma or Hermes Bolide, the Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Satchel brings a refined shape with a blast of shiny fuchsia Caiman Fuscus crocodile.

Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Clutch

Bright colors, fun shapes, beautiful exotics = DROOL. I must admit that I am a Nancy Gonzalez addict without a Nancy Gonzalez bag. I know, gasp, blasphemy, etc. If it were up to me, I would own a plethora of exotics from this chic designer, but I am just not quite there yet. Either way, I have a fund and soon it will be time for a purchase.

Nancy Gonzalez Porousus Bag
Image via Forbes

Spending a lot of money on an evening bag makes sense to me, if you are a star or A-lister. That way you get it for free. Many evening bags are exorbitantly priced, but within your own range I say go for that nice evening bag, it makes the outfit. The Nancy Gonzalez Porousus Bag is made with a nearly perfect crocodile skin and features special order embellishments.

Nancy Gonzalez Shiny Crocodile Tote

I have never been a huge fan of red, that is on me. Red is really a bold color and while I’d love to pull it off all the time (especially on my lips!), my skin tone, hair, and eyes, just don’t work perfectly with it. It is probably just be in general. But in recent years I have learned to implement it in small pieces in my wardrobe, especially when I need to wear some Ohio State colors (Go BUCKS!!!).

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