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Name that Bag

This week on Bag that Style we had a great array of celebrities with their handbags. But we were stumped on a few designs, so maybe you can help us out!

We ID’d most of Vanessa Hudgens outfit, EXCEPT for her bag [link]

We don’t have a good look at it, but does anyone know AnnaLynne’s bag? [link]

Kim Kardashian sported a great black clutch, but we are stumped on who made it [link]

Kate Hudson carries a purse that think is on the tip of our tongues, but we just don’t know [link]

Kim Cattrall Bag

We haven’t asked you all to Name that Bag on PB in a long time. With the addition of Bag That Style to our team we have moved most celebrity posts over there. But that doesn’t mean we won’t have a celebrity post on PB anymore, they will pop up from time to time.

I find many bags we are asked to ID from time to time and some truly catch my attention. This supple and luscious woven leather bag Kim Cattrall was spotted carrying around has me going ga-ga. The woven leather is not Bottega Veneta, as they do not do a weave as thick as this bag has. I adore this bag. I want this bag. And now it is time for you to help us Name that Bag!

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katherine heigl red bag1
Katherine Heigl shopping with her red handbag

It appears that Katherine Heigl is a lover of the color red. From her red Valentino Bag to her red Escada dress at the Oscars this year, Heigl has paved the way into the new hottest color, red. And recently she has been spotted toting a new red bag. Yep, Izzie’s gotta new bag! (I have to revert to calling her Izzie because I am one of the biggest Grey’s Anatomy fans and can not wait for the show to start up again!!). Unfortunate for me and lucky for those of you that are amazing at identifying bags, I can not put a name on the red handbag Katherine Heigl has been seen sporting lately. This red handbag is large, stunning, and captivating. And right now, while red is the hottest color, I am clamoring to figure out who the designer is. So let’s play a little game of Name that Bag!! (more…)

lindsay lohan python bag
Lindsay Lohan and her python bag

I am delighted that we have not seen *much* of Lindsay Lohan after her countless problems and rehab stint. Sure we saw here in Italy with many Italian men, and here and there in the clubs drinking some grape juice with a kick, but she has been laying low (all things considered). I miss oogling her handbag collection. Love her or hate it, admit it, she has quite the amazing collection. I always wondered how the girl from The Parent Trap had one of the hottest and most extensive handbag collections that I have seen, and that is just from the paparazzi photos. Many times she wears recognizable brands, like YSL, but the new designer on the block, Rebecca Minkoff, has also been a fan of Lindsay’s when she wore the Morning After Bag. And again, Lindsay has opted for a handbag that is hard to identify but hard to miss. The black and white diamond shapes on the python skin bag jump out and catch your attention. But what bag is this? Help me out, and Name that Bag!! [image via Splash News]

geri halliwell handbag style1

Geri Halliwell, Ginger Spice, has been back in the spotlight since the Spice Girls have gotten back together. Of all of the Spice Girls, Posh was really the only one that continuously garnered media attention. Now that Geri is back in the paparazzi eye, so is her style. She was never my favorite and I actually am not particularly fascinated with her, but I absolutely love the bag she was spotted carrying. Geri Halliwell paired a white coat with a black handbag to bring together a sophisticated look. For the life of me though, I can not figure out the handbag she is carrying. So help me out, and can you Name that Bag!? (more…)

sex and the city handbag

The streets of New York are always buzzing with commotion, yet the Sex and The City commotion seems like it makes the streets more fashionable and more people are gawker-stalking to find the fabulous foursome. As the fabulous ladies (and gents) of SATC film, they bring back our memories of overly-fashionable, many times over the top, but always a step ahead fashion. When the movie comes out, sites will be analyzing and breaking down the outfits of these ladies. For now, we can play the game too. Cynthia Nixon, Miranda, was snapped with her co-star David Eigenberg, Steve, locking lips for a scene then showing off her fabulous clothing and handbag. This handbag she is carrying sports python skin with a very classy appeal. Let’s get those brains moving, late in the week, can you Name that Bag?!

Image via CU

victoria beckham python handbag

Looks like Victoria Beckham put down her Hermes bags and opted for a new python handbag to carry about Hollywood. Recently Victoria has been seen sporting her Hermes Suede Kelly Pochette, Hermes Kelly Lizard Pochette, Hermes Baccara Clutch, and her White Hermes Birkin. So with a new look, Victoria went to lunch at Mel’s Diner in West Hollywood sporting a new metallic python handbag. Can you Name That Bag?! (more…)

britney spears pink handbag1

Using the words “Britney Spears” and “style” in the same sentence is an oxymoron of the century. But I did it, I went out on a limb and said it. But what I am really getting at is if you can name Britney Spear’s handbag? She is seen sporting horrible horrible extensions, an outfit that is less than desirable, a D&G white case, and a new pink handbag. Honestly, I do have a soft spot in my heart, where I feel bad for her losing her children, her hair, her career, her sanity, her marriage, heck, her life. But let’s hope that she begins to get back on track somehow, and let’s humor her and Name that Bag!

Check out the lucky? man with her arm around her below! (more…)

alexis bledel style1

I admit it, I was and still am a Gilmore Girls watcher. It was not something that I sat to watch weekly, but when those re-runs come on, I find myself drawn to the mother-daughter bond show, where everything is so peachy keen. The only way I can relate is because my mother’s and my relationship is strong, but other than that, it is just another show to watch when winding down the day. Even if you did not watch the show, you must admit that Alexis Bledel is a stunning young woman. The dark hair, crystal blue eyes, and light complexion makes her resemble a fragile porcelain doll. Apparently, the paparazzi even follows her around town, and caught Alexis Bledel out for lunch at 4th Cafe in West Hollywood. She sported a casual look, with a flowing sun dress, little sandals, and a small white handbag. Her sun dress unfortunately reminds me of a dreaded dress I wore in 7th grade that I loved at the time but looked like a piece of cheap fabric when I think about it now. Yet her white handbag is cute, small, compact, and cute. Can you Name that Bag! (more…)

jessical biel handbag style

Looks like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are still trying to keep their relationship going, even if the Hollywood spotlight continues to be the HUGE third wheel. The couple got together after a plethora of rumors of who Justin was with post Cameron, and now Timbiel has been spotted around the world together. On their way to an event at The Beverly Wilshire, Justin Timberlake dumped Jessica Biel off with an older and not as sexy inclined man. Ok, obviously this was just the man whose job is solely to lead celebs into events, but still, it photographs badly. My attention focused on Jessica’s style, which actually appeared very feminine for her sometimes overly muscular body, and her stunning brown handbag. Name that bag!

jessical biel handbag style2

Hop below to see the older not as sexy-inclined gentleman! (more…)

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