The entertainment world is obsessing over Katie Holmes right now because of her high-profile divorce from Tom Cruise, and I’m focusing on her as well, but for different reasons. I’ve had a thing for Katie since her Dawson’s Creek days, and as much as she and her life has changed since then, her style has been on an upward trajectory. Since news of her divorce hit the media, Katie has focused on living a more down-to-Earth lifestyle with her adorable tot Suri.

I totally forgot to keep up with our fun Name That Bag section. I was reminded about this category from a commenter in our latest 9 things post and remembered how much fun you have figuring out bag puzzles.

For today’s puzzle I took a bag and turned it into funky art. With new colors and a shaken up finish, find out if you are a true handbag aficionado and see if you can Name That Bag!

Y’all (I don’t even say y’all that much but this post’s urgency calls for a y’all), I need your help. You may be enjoying a fabulous summer vacation but I have a bag dilemma and need your brains now! After stumbling upon this photo that StreetPeeper took for Vogue, I have been wracking my brain attempting to figure out precisely who designs this clutch.

Having a week that feels like it is dragging on? I know I am, also being sick does not help the week to fly by. Time for another rendition of Name That Bag. Can you figure out what bag is being featured above?

Name That Bag!

Take part in our name that bag category on! Here is puzzle number two…

Do you know what bag closely resembles star fruit?

Take part in our Name that Bag Puzzle 1!

I’m always a tad bit embarrassed when I can’t identify a bag. I spend 40-plus hours a week contemplating purses, and at a certain point, I feel like I’ve seen almost every handbag that the fashion world has to offer. Just when I get comfortable in that feeling, some handbag always comes along to knock me off my high horse. This time, that bag is being carried by Kelly Rowland.

Kate Hudson Blue Clutch

Kate Hudson is in the spotlight again. This time it is not for being in another RomCom (romatic comedy), but because of the man she is reportedly dating, Alex Rodriguez. We have a full review of her look on Bag that Style, but I can not get her clutch off my mind.

Problem is I have a clutch on my mind that I can not identify.

Olivia Palermo Name that Bag

Every single aspect of this look I adore. I have to admit, Olivia Palermo is one of my new favorite people. Whether she has a stylist or not, nearly every time I see her she has her outfits perfectly put together. Her evening wear is typically elegant and spot on and her day time wear is uptown chic. Take this outfit for example.

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