Mulberry Spring 2013 Handbags (18)
  • sasashah

    sorry i just don’t think the lady who can afford and likes the look of mulberry is the same lady who wants an all over lizard motif on her bag

    • Saga

      LOL, i thought it was patterned with flowers!

      • Curves and Coffee

        HA! Either or….lizards/flowers…not a fan! I did like a few things from Mulberry years ago lol today, well, the clutch was nice.

  • TaoTube

    I like some of them, but those that i like just give me a sense of CELINE+THE ROW+MULBERRY…… am i too mean?? sorry mulberry fans…

    • Am

      Not mean. More like realistic.

    • q

      Mulberry is like the Coach from UK what do you expect

  • Alex

    Finally! A Mulberry bag collection that isn’t completely inundated with the same cross-body satchels!!! The totes are sublime, cheery and fresh! Loving this collection of leather goods from Mulberry – I always knew there was more to them than the Alexa-esque silhouettes of seasons past! =)

  • Lorna

    I think mulberry is Defo better than coach, I’m from England – I bought the mulberry daria a couple of years ago cause I thought it was more like understated & subtle style compared to Louis or Gucci that can be very flashy and in your face for some places you might go out, I do agree that the mulbs satchel is very boring now and a new style of bag has been long over due!

  • Jackie Ellis

    I love them all.. some sophisticated, some adorable!!

  • Victoria Xia

    OMG, i am going broke soon, want all of them

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