Mulberry Spring 2013 Handbags (18)

I’ve been a bit critical about Mulberry (specifically its marketing tactics) over the past season, so believe me when I say this: the Mulberry Willow Tote may very well be the best new day bag we’ll see all season. That’s a hefty mantle to bestow before the handbag heavyweights in Milan and Paris have even finished styling their runway looks, and I may yet be proved wrong, but the the big bag reveal of the Mulberry Spring 2013 show might just be good enough to go the distance.

The tote, pictured above, marks a movement toward increased sophistication for the brand that will likely be welcomed by consumers who shop at Mulberry’s chosen price point. The bags in this collection still have the signature Mulberry branding, but they’re more refined, more chic. (If “chic” isn’t overused to the point of non-meaning at this point, which it probably is.) It’s not just the Willow Tote, with its genius zip-off front panel that doubles as either a clutch or an iPad case, depending on your need at the moment; the Del Rey Bag, of which I have never been any kind of fan, got a nice upgrade for spring with luxurious jacquard prints that take the bag’s somewhat bland structure and elevate it as a canvas for great textiles. Check out all the runway bags after the jump.

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  • sasashah

    sorry i just don’t think the lady who can afford and likes the look of mulberry is the same lady who wants an all over lizard motif on her bag

    • Saga

      LOL, i thought it was patterned with flowers!

      • Curves and Coffee

        HA! Either or….lizards/flowers…not a fan! I did like a few things from Mulberry years ago lol today, well, the clutch was nice.

  • TaoTube

    I like some of them, but those that i like just give me a sense of CELINE+THE ROW+MULBERRY…… am i too mean?? sorry mulberry fans…

    • Am

      Not mean. More like realistic.

    • q

      Mulberry is like the Coach from UK what do you expect

  • Alex

    Finally! A Mulberry bag collection that isn’t completely inundated with the same cross-body satchels!!! The totes are sublime, cheery and fresh! Loving this collection of leather goods from Mulberry – I always knew there was more to them than the Alexa-esque silhouettes of seasons past! =)

  • Lorna

    I think mulberry is Defo better than coach, I’m from England – I bought the mulberry daria a couple of years ago cause I thought it was more like understated & subtle style compared to Louis or Gucci that can be very flashy and in your face for some places you might go out, I do agree that the mulbs satchel is very boring now and a new style of bag has been long over due!

  • Jackie Ellis

    I love them all.. some sophisticated, some adorable!!

  • Victoria Xia

    OMG, i am going broke soon, want all of them

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