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Fashion is perhaps more obsessed with ad campaigns than any industry outside of advertising itself. If you love a particular brand, it’s fun to get a peek into how the brand’s creative team envisions the clothes in context, and the best ads can provide great aesthetic inspiration for everything from personal styling to home decor to vacation planning. Around here, we love ads because they so often feature brands’ biggest money-makers: handbags.

You may remember me raving about Mulberry’s Spring 2013 accessories collection back when it debuted on the runway, and my enthusiasm for the line has not abated. In these photos, shot by Tim Walker and starring model Meghan Collison, you can see why: the bags would stand out as the definite highlight even if they weren’t featured quite so prominently. The muted tones of the ads make me long for the first buds of spring; is it April yet? Check out the full campaign below.

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  • Joshua

    The whole organic and light pastel aquatic theme reminds me a lot of Chanel’s Spring 2012 collection.

  • Camila

    I’m loving the pastels. I’v been noticing them alot lately in everything ss13, specially handbags.

  • Noone

    She looks exactly like a female Benedict Cumberbatch.

  • pencil pleat

    This is the same model on the Coach website, yes?

  • Joanna

    The bag looks gorgeous.

  • Souda Trinh

    These ads are making me want to buy a Mulberry bag now. What is the bag in the first photo?

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