Mulberry Fall 2013 Handbags (20)

Mulberry makes full lines of ready-to-wear, shoes and accessories, of course, but we and they both know what everyone wants to see every season: the bags. Mulberry has been an enormous reputation off of its stylish, functional, totally covetable leather day bags, and by all indications from the Mulberry Fall 2013 show, the brand has no desire to change that. Want a new work bag or roomy weekend bag? This collection likely has something you’ll want if you’re a fan of Mulberry’s general look.

As has been the trend so far this season, the show featured plenty of dark neutrals, plus a few colorful accents by way of teal and yellow. The collection also includes several new shapes for the brand, including the Mulberry Suffolk Bag, a soft, simple single-handle satchel with a metal bar across the top that feels a little bit like a Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily, and a double-handle satchel reminiscent of the Givenchy Lucrezia. Those are both very relevant shapes right now, so it makes sense that Mulberry would add them to their lineup, in addition to the beautiful Willow Tote that debuted for Spring 2013. (And which still hasn’t hit stores, but that’s just a personal gripe on my part.)

[Images via Vogue]

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  • Lauren

    The Willow has hit stores in the last week!

  • AMDG

    Very nice, lots of eye candy! Loving the Willow Tote and the smaller bags.

  • Rashida

    I am very impressed!

  • Stella

    love this collection! I’m eyeing a few bags already :)


    i really like this overall collection. beautiful colors.

  • eli

    I looooovveee the willows in mixed skins!

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