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  • Lilly

    I don’t get her appeal at all, she looks like a cute boy, no sex appeal whatsoever. The bags are not impressive either.

    • Edia

      so all women should be sexy?

    • eraserhead12

      Fashion isn’t about having sex appeal and knowing how to bend over, it’s about aesthetic. I think you’re looking for bra catalog ‘models’, or a Kardashian.

    • Guest

      Fashion isn’t about sex appeal or knowing how to bend over, it’s about aesthetic. I think you were looking for bra catalog ‘models’, or a Kardashian.

  • shueaddict

    I must live under a rock ! I bought a Del Rey bag in sales over Xmas and was totally oblivious to the fact that it had anything to do with Lana (whose music and wacky lyrics I happen to love).
    The bag is slightly boring, conservative ( no apparent logo unless you know Mulberry) , which is why I just cannot stop wearing it at work … it seems to go with anything.

    • Cami

      Haha, I didn’t know for months either and I agree, it’s a simple bag. Maybe that’s why my favorite version is the animal print, the one Rosie HW was seen carrying. That or the fact that she can make anything look good.

  • Jodie

    I like her, but these bags are seriously ugly

  • laura

    I doubt she designed any of those bags. They look very Mulberry, which is not a good thing for me because I don’t like Mulberry bags, I’ve never have. They’re too simple and boring for me. They look like Fossil bags but even Fossil comes up with more creative designs IMO.
    She’s a pretty girl, no doubt, but there’s something about Cara that I don’t like, and it’s not the dark eyebrows.

    • Edia

      mh~* whats better than a hot cup of hate in the morning <3

  • old

    I love Mulberry and I have four bays. But… Seriously, I cannot get the point of the design… They look simply ‘OLD’ and cheap. And why Cara?

  • Soo Hua

    I am using a Del Ray and loving it. And now that I see these Caras, I’ve secretly put it on my 2014 wish-list, the tote / backpack convertible is awesome! Love love love!

  • wizcheng

    The bags remind me of phillip lim pashli. Is it just me?

  • amg

    I think it’s an adorable bag and love how versatile it is – really cute and classy IMO

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