Miu Miu Gathered Leather Bag

I still recall the day where spending over $1000 for a designer handbag was the norm but still seen as steep. I wish that day were still here, because now most designer handbags start around $2000 and go up. If I am impulse buying, $2000 can be spent easily. If I begin to use the part of my brain from my dad’s genes, that overly analytical business side, I begin to find the purchase ridiculous. I always let off a sigh of relief when I see Miu Miu bags. Prada’s younger sister features a line of handbags that offer an array of different styles that sometimes closely mimicking bags from Prada. You can get a great bag for half the price of many Prada bags. The Miu Miu Gathered Leather Bag is a large tote bag made with lush mouse colored leather. The color is delightful for fall and the option of a detachable shoulder strap along with double top handles makes it a very practical bag. Best part is the price is not going to make your jaw drop like some of the Prada nylon bags for fall that are over $2000 (that is a whole different story!). Buy via NAP for $1155.

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  • Stephanie

    i literally scrolled down to look at the photo and thought “it’s the new prada bag again huh?” i do love the price tag however!

  • margarita

    It’s so gorgeous!
    Love the price tag!!

  • coachwife6

    Thank you for addressing the cost issue. It is all getting out of hand, IMO.

    • I agree, and I am in this market!!!

      There is something that baffles me about a nylon bag costing over $2000. Or a leather bag costing nearly $3000 (up nearly $1000). That is what is happening at Prada right now. Prices are sky rocketing before our eyes.

  • sandy

    hey… i have that bag… only in a different color.. i got it on NAP a while back for the same price i think… love it! and it’s huge!

    • nerin oliver

      hi sandy, same with me i love this style…its lilbit huge for me…but its ok it fitted all my staff on it…

  • Alexia

    Miu Miu is just great! i’ve got a tote and a clutch and i am looking forward to expand my collection. the bags are just adorable… and affordable!!

  • Otter

    Such a cute bag. Luv it. And, like other posters, I agree that the bag prices are getting waaaaaay out of hand. Thanks for addressing it. The most I have ever spent is $1,400 on a bag. That is my absolute limit. My old ceiling used to be $1,000. This time, I swear I will not go above $1,400. These designers are treating women like stupid fools. We need to hold the line — even if cuteness appears to overwhelm us. Stay strong ladies! Set your mark in the sand and stick with it.

  • znw

    I have this bag too but in the dark chocolate brown. It’s a GREAT bag and it wears really well. The leather looks even more amazing now (if that were even possible) and it’s so soft and squigy.

    I love Miu Miu bags because they’re just as nice as other designer bags but better priced.

  • my new bag

    would of loved to score this one

  • A bag luva

    OMG this bag is fabulus btw i can spell but cbb! :lol: lol i just love the colour! do u click reply to comment now an spill :lol: ! :mrgreen: :neutral:

  • dudu

    love it. i got it for $358 no tax at saks fifth last Nov when the huge sale were going on….

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