Miu Miu Lady Pushlock Bag, $1350 via Bergdorf Goodman

Right in the wallet.

For some reason, Miu Miu’s bags often don’t tempt me quite as much as everything (and I do mean everything) else that the brand makes, particularly its shoes. Still, if Miuccia were to personally deduct money from my bank account every month and send me a random Miu Miu piece of her choosing, I bet I’d be thrilled at least 11 months out of the year.

If it were the Miu Miu Pushlock Lady Bag that showed up on my doorstep, I know I would be. As a satchel or a shoulder bag (maybe even a crossbody – Bergdorfs doesn’t list the strap drop), this just-big-enough retro throwback is everything I want in a fall handbag.

This straight-laced, structured look has been in favor since Celine made us all dizzy with the Classic Box a few seasons ago, and perhaps because of its grown-up, retro-modern appeal, the trend doesn’t apear to be waning anytime soon. At $1350, not only is this bag a bit less pricey than most similar designs from similar brands, but it also seems like a deal relative to Miu Miu’s rising prices. Does anyone still remember when Miu Miu was a Prada diffusion brand? Aren’t diffusion brands typically…less? And really, that’s the only complaint that I have. Buy through Bergdorf Goodman for $1350.

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  • Perry P

    I think that Miuccia understands the power behind Miu Miu and sees it not as a diffusion brand, but a brand on it’s own now. While Miu Miu is supposed to be contemporary, it has definitely reached a larger target where I believe it can raise prices. Where as Marc by Marc Jacobs is ultimatetly a diffusion line with a specific target audience, contemporary with matching prices.

  • rose60610

    This bag: Hybrid between Coach and Jason Wu.

  • klynneann

    Rose60610, I totally agree!

  • MizzJ

    That’s true, I totally forgot it was a diffusion line! It seems a bit unfair that just b/c a brand is popular, they decide to transition into a higher price bracket. Isn’t the point to dominate their original chosen market? Anyway, love the bags!


  • ottercat

    Looks like 1980’s Coach to me.

  • Eva

    Complete rip off of Mulberry’s polly push lock. Miu miu needs to do better than this.

  • JenG

    Love, love , love, drooling!

  • Tingeling

    I would love the red one!

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