Sometimes I think that our bag obsession may go a little too far. For example, Megs and I are getting the kick out of Neiman Marcus’ 2 piece Shoe & Handbag Servers. Most definitely a pair of kitchen accessories that can’t be missing in a bag loving wife’s and purse hating husband’s home. Grab’em at NM for 45 bucks.

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  • WHOApurplepassion

    Those have got to be the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

  • Lea.D.

    hahaa, I’m heading to NM right now!!! :)

  • Jane

    For the lady who has everything.

  • cindy

    Okay, this serving set is even something that we vegans can get into. Do you know if any of the big designers have any vegan bags?

  • Anita

    Uh-EWWW! :roll:

  • Naggy

    That is a cute concept, but I don’t like the execution. (ipad)

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