Choco Choco House Chocolate Purses

The title somewhat says it all. Purses made out of chocolate. I doubt the force of desirable seduction has ever been as intense as on that one, Luke. Aliya at Choco Choco House does a great job with her petite choco treasures, two thumbs up for the fantastic idea and treats that’ll make many many tum tums happy. :-D

via [The Bag Lady]

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  • billyjoe

    CUTE but they’re probably like 30 f***ing dollars

  • john_wilson

    The waitor selling the chocolate is nice, polite, welcoming, friendly and knows what is he talking. The chocolate was good, but a bit expensive.

  • jimmy pak

    where can I find these purses made out of chocolate?

  • kim

    Jimmy- south end [boston] ma google it- easy to are on the internet! why didn’t you google already- silly!?

    john [-super nice and informed and generous service there. Not expensive per the quality ingredients and care. It is hand crafted/artisan if you will, fine chocolate that is unique and super pristine.
    Want cheap- buy a nestle’s but well, remember the boycott and milk and is it really that good?…. whole milk thing….

    BJ- Before you speculate- “probably”, which in this context comes off as negative, and I don’t dig that, they are not. Using the internet yah? Go online and find their web site. Please don’t speak until you know.

  • Maggie

    Yum! and cute too! (ipad)

  • Naggy

    I’d just eat them without hesitation; I don’t care for the designs. (ipad)

  • KY

    Looks yummy! (ipad)

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