Kids BackpackYesterday after a day trip to Cologne (in the northeast part of Germany), I realized that I have been leaving out a huge part of our population: the kids! Shame on me. This was never intentional, trust me! I saw so many little munchkins running around yesterday and I decided they needed to have their own handbag category! I know many of you remember or have children now that make you remember that little kids love to have bags. I always needed to have some sort of little compartment to hold all of my ‘things’. I have told you all once before that I am an avid collector of ‘things’, but that did not come with age. That started wayyy back when. I had little purses, pouches, backpacks, Barbie travel cases, wallets, etc. You name it, I had it. I carried the dumbest things around. If I could have had it my way all the time, I would have left the house carrying My Buddy in one arm, Kid Sister in the other, and playing Skip-It while I walked. Let’s all do a way back when recall: Silly Putty (in the egg shell), Polly Pocket, sticky-hands from the 25 cent machine, California Raisins, travel size Etch-A-Sketch, Barbie dolls, Gak, miniature Pound-Puppies, My Little Pony, My Littlest Pet Shop, Gumby, Linkin Logs, Snap Bracelets, fuzzy stickers, and much more (not to mention my Easy Bake Oven at home! Oh yea, I was a chef in the making). But a kid has to have somewhere to carry all of this stuff right? I traveled with all of my goods just like my mommy carried her purse with her goods. Just as important as it is for all of us grown-up fashionistas to carry a purse, it is just as important for kids to feel like they can relate and carry their special things around too.

This is why I am in love with this Children’s Animal Backpacks & Pouches. The adorable matching set choices are cat, monkey, butterfly, or frog. Knowing how I was, I would have picked the money for sure. The backpacks measure 8 1/2-12 1/2″H x 10 1/2″-12″W while the matching pouches that coordinate with the backpacks are 4 1/4″-5 1/2″H x 4 1/2″-5″W. The set is made of cotton and polyester which makes the bags easy for washing. This is a major perk for anyone caring for a kid! Kids are messy! With the assortment of animals kids have a choice to be individual and pick the animal that they relate with/like the most. The adorable backpack is $48 and the matching pouch is only $18 through Neiman Marcus.

*The way I see it, buying any kid a bag like this would be a hit! You’d be the best grown-up on the block ;-) *

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  • billyjoe

    ummmm…. uh……..

  • cork

    you also can get these at target i think im getting my six year old sister one for christmas

  • Noriko

    cute :) I should get my baby sister one! I really like the frog.

  • Ashley

    They have always had these. I remember the ones that were dogs and cows and were backpacks. In fact, I still have mine that was a frog. There also used to be a popular one that was shaped like a bus. Everyone had one of those! I do have to say that these are cuter though.

  • Laura

    where can i find a pattern for these types of purses, my girls would want them prissier looking…

  • halo

    why dont you make a ferret backpack? everone loves ferrets!

  • rooser

    These bags are made by a company called BlaBlakids and are hand-made in South America. They also make other knitted toys and clothing for children. If you go to their website, you can get these items a lot cheaper….

  • mia

    i love these bags! they r soo cute!!! but how do u make them i really want to knit one. so if u no a website or directions please tell!

    :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

  • Alexandra

    Those are really cute!
    I just bought a really cool purse for my daughter from a website call
    They have the cutest girls purses there!

  • Naggy

    I think these are too tacky for even children! (ipad)

  • KY

    This is so cute! (ipad)

  • Andy

    With the number of extracurricular activities and classes today, backpacks can become extremely heavy and cause children discomfort and pain. However, with some research and education, parents can find a suitable solution to ensure their children remain comfortable, healthy and happy each school day.

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