Sarah Jessica Parker carries a colorblocked Michael Kors tote in the West Village (5)
  • sarah

    I caught that shade!

    • sara

      I actually didn’t notice this. I don’t think she was being sarcastic. SJP is really tiny.

  • Guest

    One person’s “tiny” is another person’s obvious eating disorder.

    • MrsT

      No disrespect but not everyone is thick/fat! I have four kids and I’m still small! Its genetic! For some of us. I do eat!

  • satc

    omg, she looks really sick and old, the thing skin, and veins showing her face is sunken in…

  • Esmee Diora

    Where is the Miranda tote made? Everywhere I’ve looked online just says “Imported” and I know with MK that typically means either China or maybe Indonesia. If it’s made in a place like Italy or Spain it Always specified on the website. For $1600 I’d have to be crazy or plain stupid to spend ths that much on a Chinese sweatshop bag just to carry MK’s name.

    • Julien CLOAREC

      you are fastidious then all super star. you do stupid and fun i think.

  • Curran

    Are you sure that is not Woody Allen under that hat?


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