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Juicy Couture Canvas Messenger BagYou know how I said equestrian is in style now? Even Juicy Couture is trying to appear rugged to fit in with the rest of the handbag bunch. the folks over at Luxist and I are on the same page that this Juicy Bag may say it is intended for books but Juicy’s ornate image does not coincide with this distressed bag and school books. Either way, I may need to be slapped across the face, because I still kind of like it. The Juicy Couture Canvas Messenger Bag is made with green distressed canvas and made with frayed edges to give a rugged look. There is golden hardware and a front flap with tie closure. Sling this 14″H x 14″W messenger style bag across your body and go on with your bad self out in the stylish world we live in. Buy it through Neiman Marcus for $295.

Banana Republic Chatham Large Saddle BagYou may be allergic to horses, but like them or not Equestrian is ‘in’ for fall. While shopping today I saw a plethora of horsebits, buckles, ‘riding’ boots, and horseshoes. While I never rode in shows, I did ride from time to time. I like to remember myself being great- but what I truly remember is when my horse spoofed and subsequently my sister got bucked off her horse. It is not funny, but it makes me chuckle. Banana Republic wants in on the horsing around with its addition of the Banana Republic Chatham Large Saddle Bag. This saddle bag can be worn across the body with its adjustable strap and 14″ drop. The saddle bag stands out with contrast stitching and brass hardware. The equestrian chic ladies can not go without thick bridle leather, twill lining, and lots of pockets (inside and out). The dimensions are 11″ x 13″ x 3″. Over the years I have witnessed Banana Republic bags transform from ordinary to extraordinary. Nab this bag while it is still affordable, because I assure you it is a sure hit for fall. Via Banana Republic for $278.

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Jack Spade Bridle Leather Bag

Just 10 years ago the married couple, Kate and Jack, made their last name a household name; Spade. The Jack Spade approach offers men items that represent both honest, thoughtful design and practical purpose. For functionality the men of today need a messenger bag. You all know that the man of the Purse Blog and Forum just indulged in a Louis Vuitton Messenger ;-) If you are opting for a clean and sleek look, the Jack Spade Bridle Leather Bags are perfect for the everyday man. There is the day bag or the field bag to choose from which both have an adjustable shoulder strap, two interior pockets, and an exterior back pocket. The day bag measures 13″ x 4.5″ x 10″ while the field bag measures 15″ x 6″ x 12″. If you are attempting to fit your 17″ MacBook Pro in there, it won’t happen (haha Vlad!) but if you only have a 15″ MacBook Pro like myself, the field bag is just right. The messenger style bags are available in black, chocolate, orange, blue, and red. The day bag goes for $495 while the field bag goes for $525 via Jack Spade.

Bottega Veneta Woven Messenger Bag Today Vlad and I strolled the streets of SoHo. Seriously, if you have never been to SoHo put it on your to-do list. Many people have a misconception that the rich and famous shop on 5th Ave, when really SoHo is where it is at. Since Vlad and I have been spend happy, today we just browsed and enjoyed an amazing lunch. The street fashion there is very chic and laid-back. At that moment I realized I desperately need an across the body bag. I am not fully sure what bag will be the ‘one’ but I am determined to find a messenger that reflects my desire to be stylish and laid back all at once. I stumbled across the Bottega Veneta Woven Messenger Bag because of its signature woven leather along with its removable and adjustable shoulder strap. If you have touched a BV bag, you are well aware of the supple leather used. Nickel hardware is used to offset the leather and there is an inside zip pocket and canvas lining. This bag is a square shape, measuring 13″H X 13″L X 2″W. While I think I am more in the search for a rectangular bag, I will keep this beautiful BV number in the back of my mind. Available through Saks for $1350.

annac1001410070_347x683f.jpgBeing a city girl and a working girl can be hard to manage when trying to also look stylish, especially when it comes to bags. Walking quite a bit everyday to and from the subway and work gets a bit hard with heels and a cute bag in hand. Lately, I have been carrying my Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy 30, which is great, but sometimes a bit hard to manage with everything else I have to do and carry. So I have decided I am on the hunt for a chic messenger bag. I think I have found a posh one! The Anna Corinna Sister’s Saddlebag is a large 15.5″L x 14″H distressed leather messenger style bag. The key to making this bag so perfect and accessible is the leather shoulder strap which is adjustable. You can chose to wear this bag over the shoulder or sling it across your body for a messenger style, which would be perfect for commuting. The front of the bag features a flap pocket with a magnetic snap closure and on the sides of the bag are slant zipper pockets. On the inside there is a large accessory pocket for work gear and all other travel necessities and a zipped pocket. Taking some stress off rushed NYC traveling along with some weight off my one arm, this bag could be perfect. I would opt for the shiny finished Brass color. Available through Shop Bop for $504.

Tommy Bahama HandbagsAgain, Megs and I have been aiming our coverage on handbags in the upper price bracket… for mortals anyway. Sorry about that, we really need a boot in the rear sometimes to get us back on the rough grounds that we call reality. Not many people are willing to drop high-three or four-plus figures on a bag. Cute can be reasonable as well. While the Alexander McQueen Novak goes for almost $1,500, this Tommy Bahama Frame Coin Messenger goes for less than a 1/10 of that price. I know the bags are fundamentally different in quality and structure, there’s still something about the C.d.C. Messenger that reminds me of the Novak. It may be the rounded patches on the bag’s bottom that it has in common with the Novak. If you are looking for a small, cute top frame style cross body bag, you don’t have to look any further. Via Zappos.

Tory by TRB Fish Messenger Bag

This post is especially dedicated to all of the teachers out there. I have been lucky enough to have some amazing teachers in my life. One in particular opened my eyes to the joy of philosophers and deep and meaningful books, poems, and thoughts. Mrs. Campbell, a late and very warranted Thank-You. I still remember to this day my Walden Pond song I made up with my group! PS How is your fight against Cliff-Notes going?? :-D All this talk is leading up to one of my favorite quotes by Thoreau.

“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.”

So while there are so many bags that seem uniform, there are bags and people that are unique and different. While they may not be my personal favorites, they may match that person stepping to his or her own music. The Tory by TRB Fish Messenger Bag stands out with a green fish and the pailettes on the shoulder strap. To some this bag may be too much, but I am sure marching to the beat of a different drummer today. The fish has blue trim and pailettes on it which only glitz it up more. White canvas is used as this bags palette which is then adorned with a green stitching pattern. On the inside there is blue lining and a magnetic fastening. If you are stepping toward this fishy bag, buy it through Net-A-Porter for $330.

Celine Small Leather MessengerSome bags just don’t do it for me. There is just some special spark missing. When I looked at this Celine Small Leather Messenger Bag I thought to myself, “Yea, so what?” Not that the bag isn’t cute, but there is nothing special about it that makes it stand out from so many other brown bags and makes me want to buy it. Especially with the price tag. Now, I am sure some of you are remembering my liking the Kooba Sienna brown bag just a few days ago, but I truly liked the shape of that bag and thought it had some character. This bag is a petite messenger bag made of supple leather with polished silvertone hardware. The sumptuous leather drapes on the flap closure which gives an overall bland feeling I think. The only different thing about this bag is the shoulder strap, which looks harsh and uncomfortable with all of the silvertone links and blaison-embossed studs. Not that the links and studs don’t add something special, but that is where all the weight of the bag will be laying – on your shoulder, and I just see that getting quite uncomfortable quite quickly. The inside does have a zip pocket, a cell phone pocket, and an open slot pocket. This bag is called a messenger bag, but unless you are carrying an apple around town, the bag doesn’t offer much other room. The measurements of the bag are only 11″ x 6″ x 5″. When you think about that size and how the bag can be worn, all I can think is how silly it would look on a tall woman or almost any woman unless she is petite like whoa. Looks like I have given this bag a bad review. All I can say is, “So what?” Pricing in at $895 via eLuxury, this bag will not make it onto my wish list.

Cable Knit Messenger BagAn important thing to remember when trying to be fashionable is to Always Be Natural. Jill Swid says, “From cables to feathery knits, this fall you’ll want to express your warmth in a collection of cozy, natural pieces. Keep the colors simple. Let the interest come from the texture and tonality.” Ok ladies and gents, it’s time we find bags that do just that. The Spiegel Cable Knit Messenger Bag is a chunky knit bag with a pin snap closure. Simply done the bag shows off style with simplicity, practicality with originality, and style with affordableness. That last word may be partially made-up but it is self-explanatory. The inside has a zip pocket also. I love this bag because it feels so warm- as if you would carry it into your house, plop down on your big leather couch, and sip on your hot cocoa by the fire. Ah, isn’t that a good feeling? The dimensions are 14 x 10″ with 42″ handles. Best part of this bag is it doesn’t leave any of us wishing we hit the lotto (well we all wish that but I merely mean to afford the bag). The bag is being sold for a cheap price of $24 at Spigel. Let us all begin to clap and cheer at an oh-so-affordable cute bag!! :-)

Dior Homme Classic Large Flap Messenger BagJust like Vlad said, an apology for yesterday. Vlad helped me move into my new place yesterday (and by help I mean he did it all while I watched and carried the small things- like a water bottle and my keys). I only moved one street away from where I lived before, but it still is the complete biggest pain ever. Since jet lag has still been hanging around, I’ve been waking up around 4:45 am and watching the news and infomercials – so far I haven’t spent any non-sensical money on the wrinkle removing cream or lotion that makes you lose 10 lbs on first application ;-). So yesterday while I was a bit lazy and not-so-helpful, I sat on some boxes and started to think about what bags I need to focus more on. Wa-la. Man Bags!! Now what I do know is many men carry bags- they may not want to call it a bag, but it is. All that being said I know there are men who would love a trendy bag to carry to work. This Dior Homme Classic Large Flap Messenger may not suit every guy’s fancy- but it sure comes close for me!

Dior has brought in it’s fashion with a simple sleek edge for a messenger bag. The area where I see some men not wanting the bag is the slightly visible tone-on-tone Dior logos which are all over the textured coated canvas. The bag features a smooth leather trim and brushed palladium-finished hardware. The man messenger bag can either be worn over one shoulder or strung across the chest with the 14″ to 29″ varying drop. Sizing up at 13″ x 12″ x 4″, the bag is big enough for a laptop and other essentials. This messenger bag can be bought through eLuxury only costs $595 (which for a Dior bag is a steal).

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