Marni Washed Leather Concertina Bag

Anyone looking for a school bag? I was doing my lazy early morning Sunday usual, laying in bed looking at expensive bags on my lap top when I ran into a perfect school bag. The Marni Washed Leather Concertina Bag is a brown washed leather bag with gold hardware. Many times I have gotten emails from people wondering what could be used as a good school bag that still was stylish, and I truly think this is a good answer. Although a school bag would probably get quite the beating (that is if you actually go to class), it would still be nice to carry a sturdy and stylish leather bag. This bag has a long fabric strap which attaches with a chunky clasp in case you would like to use it as a messenger bag. If not you could use the leather handle as a top carrier. This cute bag features buckle fastenings on the front and the body of the bag is divided into three sections for all your different goods. Lined in a beige canvas and including an internal zip pocket, there is not much more you could want or need in a school bag. The price may be a little undesirable, but if you are one of the stylish chicks yearning for that perfect stylish school bag, I would keep this bag in consideration. Available via Net-A-Porter for $1015.00.

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  • billyjoe

    nothing special… for that price?!

  • Zippy

    Do I get fries with that?

  • morgan

    yeah i thought it was cute until i saw it was $1000…what kind of student has that kind of cash to blow on a schoolbag?

  • Roy

    Just wanted to tell you that your blog is fabulous! Loves IT!!!!

    Roy is my blog! I am linking you up!

  • Yea… all girls can dream right? It is expensive, but it is also cute!! ;-)

  • fendi-girl

    cute but the Depth is only 1.5″ – can’t fit much of anything in a bag that size, only a few files and a notebook probably.


  • Nina

    *heart stops*
    *sighs*…What a beautiful bag! Am totally lustin’ for it…too bad that it’s too small for books….and you’know…the price is a factor as well, you’know. :)

  • fendi-girl

    this is what I got for school…i like function and beauty – can’t beat the price as well!

  • Chinnifer Maniston

    That bag’s pretty gay…..


  • Jamie

    I would definatly get this bag however its to small. The price is fine but im a 14 year old who is always making a mess. 1k is a lot to blow on a bag that will get ink and stuff all over.

  • Naggy

    I think I could grow to enjoy it on a filthy travel. (ipad)

  • KY

    Little bit small imo. (ipad)

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