Celine Small Leather MessengerSome bags just don’t do it for me. There is just some special spark missing. When I looked at this Celine Small Leather Messenger Bag I thought to myself, “Yea, so what?” Not that the bag isn’t cute, but there is nothing special about it that makes it stand out from so many other brown bags and makes me want to buy it. Especially with the price tag. Now, I am sure some of you are remembering my liking the Kooba Sienna brown bag just a few days ago, but I truly liked the shape of that bag and thought it had some character. This bag is a petite messenger bag made of supple leather with polished silvertone hardware. The sumptuous leather drapes on the flap closure which gives an overall bland feeling I think. The only different thing about this bag is the shoulder strap, which looks harsh and uncomfortable with all of the silvertone links and blaison-embossed studs. Not that the links and studs don’t add something special, but that is where all the weight of the bag will be laying – on your shoulder, and I just see that getting quite uncomfortable quite quickly. The inside does have a zip pocket, a cell phone pocket, and an open slot pocket. This bag is called a messenger bag, but unless you are carrying an apple around town, the bag doesn’t offer much other room. The measurements of the bag are only 11″ x 6″ x 5″. When you think about that size and how the bag can be worn, all I can think is how silly it would look on a tall woman or almost any woman unless she is petite like whoa. Looks like I have given this bag a bad review. All I can say is, “So what?” Pricing in at $895 via eLuxury, this bag will not make it onto my wish list.

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