Balmain Bags

We all waited. When we heard Balmain planned to release a line of handbags we were excited. We wanted for edgy, new, and innovative. And what did we get? Rather boring, uninspired, and expensive messenger bags. We are still hoping Balmain bags will be better next season.

We are simply here to tell you that the four messenger bags Balmain had at Net A Porter are back in stock. Prices range from $1,915 to $3,925.

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  • ofFRANCE

    If they were about one-fifth the lowest price they’d be absolutely perfect for school.

  • Beth

    From here they look like LeSportsac’s, only in leather. Nothing WOW about that.

  • emily*

    1/5? 400 is still pretty steep. I’d say for 40 bucks at Claires?

  • yslsuperlover

    another post on this??? why???

    • Some people like the bags. It is more of a notification that the bags are back in stock, and we still don’t like them :)

  • The Girl in Grey

    Oh…..why? Balmain you disappoint me with grief.

  • Merve

    They are back in stock and likely to remain in stock me thinks

  • MizzJ

    Even if these were massively reduced, I still wouldn’t buy them. Disappointing Balmain. Thank you, don’t come again.

  • roni

    they can’t do everything..

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