Antik Batik Juddy Fringed Bag

There was a very prominent love hate relationship with the Prada Fringe Bags (as seen on Victoria Beckham). Upon first look, the bag looked like a horrible Cousin It. But then it began to grow on me, and I will openly admit that after seeing it on Victoria Beckham I loved it. Loved it on her, but I do not look like her, so it did not look as smashing on me. And the price was high. I am a fan of fringe here and there. Not everywhere by any means and really, I do not like it on clothing for the most part. But you can add a little touch of fringe without going overboard. The only way I would do this is if the price was low enough and the bag looked ok; that way I could wear it here or there and it would justify the price I spent on it. This is precisely what the Antik Batik Juddy Fringed Bag does; it gives the fringe that I am looking for at a price that is beyond reasonable. Finally, someone got it right. If you are going to go out on a limb and add fringe, which is very seasonal and not always widely accepted, do so in a way that makes the bag affordable for it going in and out of style. This bag features chocolate leather with fringe and a brass beaded charm. The bag has a braided strap, flap closure, and can be worn across the body. So if there is a country night at one of your favorite bars or you are on your way out in boots and a plaid shirt, this bag can give you the hippie deluxe trend that is in for now. Buy through NAP for $290.

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  • Christine

    Hmm, still not loving the fringe, but maybe it will grow on me. I may just be one of those people who can’t make cowgirl look chic.

  • pursecrzy


  • ames

    Truly hideous! What a mess..

  • janis

    I like a little fringe too. What I am not liking on this bag is the little shoulder strap…it seems like it might dig into the shoulder.

  • mette

    This is about the worst bag I´ve seen for a long time. Never,ever would I touch it.

  • niki

    looooooooooooove it. LOVE

  • Nila

    wow, i love it!
    its so bohemian like to me.
    its perfect, except its too long.

  • Anna

    Oh, I love it. Never was a fan of fringes until I saw this!

  • Adrienne C

    WOW! Pretty cool! Love it! (ipad)

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