Rebecca Minkoff Valentines Day Pouch Set We had the chance to steal a few moments from the vastly popular and busy Rebecca Minkoff to nab her thoughts on Valentine’s Day. Rebecca Minkoff is busy with her handbag lines and up next is a clothing line, which will be debuting soon. If her clothing line is anything like her handbag line, get ready to fight for what you want!

Love/Hate Valentine’s Day: Like- its fun and romantic but sometimes its too blown out of proportion!

Favorite movie to watch on Valentine’s Day: P.S. I love you

Best gift you have given on Valentine’s Day: A guitar to my fiance that me and some friends and family bought

Valentine’s Day plans: Hiding in a dark corner of our favorite restaurant and eating by candlelight

The best Rebecca Minkoff bag for a Valentine’s Day gift, why?: The Valentine’s Day Pouch Set, its a set of 3, is affordable and brightens up winter!

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  • M_butterfly

    These pouch set looks so cute and the sizes seem so practical as well!!!

  • Photogirl

    Love these! Off to investigate. . .

  • piratesbooty

    Love the pouch set! The colors are great.

  • QueenMAB

    LOVE the colors in this set – this may be my first Rebecca Minkoff purchase!

  • Jenifer

    I love little bags and pouches and the size/colors of these are great!

  • Rachel

    Oh my God, I just cant get enough of Rebecca Minkoff handbags … now In know why the celebs love her designs!!

  • Kelly

    I absolutely love these. I would love to see RM make these “sets” a regular offering in multiple color palettes as well!!!

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