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devi kroell large hobo Vlad and I had the pleasure of meeting Devi Kroell, the glamorous designer who is soft spoken and radiates when speaking of her designs. I have always been a fan of Devi’s slouchy hobos, that made her name known, and more recently her box clutches. Many first wore Devi Kroell’s python slouchy hobo, which at the time Devi was one of few designers implementing the use of exotic skins. In fact, Jessica Simpson made the bag quite popular and her sister Ashley became a fan also. Her purses are designed with all attention paid to detail. Devi’s focus is on the exotics, and while she has been known for her python use (including python boots who are worn by stars like Kate Moss), Devi has ventured into alligator skin. Vlad was obsessing over her orange Alligator Large Hobo which retails for $28,990. So with that being said, I shall start to re-obsess over her python bags, because her alligator bags are not in my budget right now. Devi Kroell has lived around the world taking in different cultures, languages, and experiences to make her handbag and accessory line what it is today.

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rebecca minkoff fall 2008

As we continue to provide exclusive information to our readers, designer interviews will become more common on Purse Blog. We have previously sat down with Rebecca Minkoff to learn more about her brand and looked forward to following up further this past week. Rebecca Minkoff has created a bag frenzy, amassing a large following who need their Rebecca Minkoff fix. Her colors have become highly sought after, including her Tangerine, Wine, and Basket weave. This past week we sat down to ask Rebecca your questions, get a sneak peek at her Fall 2008 line, and take an exclusive tour of her NYC factory.

Read the entire interview here. Enjoy!

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jennifer alfanoThanks to my dear friend Sari Brown at Lux Couture, Vlad and I were able to meet another fabulous new designer while in New York City last month, Jennifer Alfano. While Jennifer is newer to the handbag world, she has been in the world of fashion for over twenty years. We went to her office in New York City to meet Jennifer and her consultant Dawn. She had just sent quite a few of her spring bags out the morning that we arrived, but the selection for us to see was still great and I could not help but lust after her vibrant exotics. The best part of her office is the board behind her desk, with a hand drawn picture of a purse, compliments of her daughter. We sat down with Jennifer to learn more about her handbags, why she focuses on exotic, and some little known facts about her. Enjoy and make sure to check out her bags that are marked down at Lux Couture right now – grab one while you can!

jennifer alfano bag 1   jennifer alfano bag 2

PB: How did you get into the Fashion World?

JA: My background in fashion is being a fashion editor. I started almost 20 years ago at Vogue magazine then I went to Bazaar. I left and helped launch Lucky Magazine. Then I had my second daughter and went back to Bazaar as fashion features director. After that I left and was writing for them as a contributor. (more…)

katherine kweiWe are thrilled to bring you another exclusive interview with a fabulous handbag designer. Sari Brown from Lux Couture introduced me to Katherine Kwei designs. Sari and I are so intrigued by the delicate knotting technique that makes Katherine Kwei designs stand out. So while in New York City Vlad and I were able to meet Katherine Kwei and her assistant designer, Tiffany Koo (who will be working on a line for Katherine Kwei), and we have not been able to stop raving about her bags since. Do not expect a simple bag from her designs, for her handbags implement a knotting technique that will undoubtedly make her stand out from the rest. We sat down in her show room to talk about her handbag line and get to know the designer behind these fabulous handbags. (more…)

Rebecca MinkoffRight after we arrived in NYC last week, Vlad and I checked in the hotel, spruced up, and were on our way to meet Rebecca Minkoff. Meeting the designer behind a handbag line that has a huge following was a little bit nerve-wrecking, yet Rebecca could not have been more down to earth. We got to the showroom before Rebecca made it, and perused her stunning spring/summer handbag line. I insisted that Vlad began to either jot down or make mental notes of the bags I had to have, the bags my family members had to have, and the bags that we would tell everyone they have to have. Touching the leathers, admiring the colors, and learning the designs is an easy task, when a handbag line is as gorgeous as Rebecca Minkoff’s. When Rebecca and her lovely PR gal Jill arrived, we all hit it off. We sat down to talk to Rebecca about how she got where she is today and where she plans on going. And while her handbag line is thriving, Rebecca still sees herself as an ordinary gal. Yet she is so much more than ordinary, as are her designs. We had the pleasure of interviewing Rebecca Minkoff to let you into fabulous designer that is going nowhere but up. Enjoy! (more…)

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