Bird One Night Stand Snakeskin BagCreative director of Bird Handbags, Liz Carey has lead quite a life. Jet-setting, designing, modeling, there is just so much to learn about this amazing designer. Today, she takes a moment to share Bird Handbags and love.

Do you look forward to or dread Valentine’s Day, why? I look forward to it because it is a day where you might possibly get a gift… or at least some chocolate.

What is your favorite Valentine’s Day splurge? Eating nonstop!

If/when you have a significant other, does Valentine’s Day seem more important? Umm hello, yes. Without one I find it a real bore… especially embarrassing having to mail valentines to yourself. Always awkward.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day this year? I’m assuming I’ll be whisked away to a private island where I’ll be spoon-fed chocolate pudding by a team of handsome man servants and massaged vigorously. (Or, maybe my man will take me to dinner.)

What is the best Bird gift for Valentine’s Day, why? A One Night Stand Bag, clearly… hello. :)

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  • spanish moss

    such loveliness!

  • brooke

    naw! I really love these interviews, you should do them for every holiday!

    Brooke xx

  • Merve

    She’s really funny. Can we join yr island massage paradise?

  • hazel

    =D This interview made me laugh, she is pretty funny!

  • Shannon Flavin

    I have a black Python lady bird handbag by Liz Carey for sale for $1000 contact me at if interested

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