Alexis Hudson Venus ClutchValentine’s Day will be here before you know it. Today, Rachelle Copeland of Alexis Hudson talks sheds some light about love and Valentine’s Day.

Dinner or a movie? Which would be your pick for Valentine’s Day and why? Definitely dinner, at a movie there is no conversation.

Any bad Valentine’s Day moments you’d like t share? No, I am happy to say I cannot recall any bad Valentine’s day moments -this may be because I have unconsciously blocked them out. The years I did not have a boyfriend I would go out with my girlfriends and we would have a fabulous time! Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate with people you love. I believe friendships are just as important to celebrate!

If you have a special Valentine’s Day planned, do you buy yourself a new outfit or stick with something stunning already hanging in your closet? I would probably stick with clothing I already have and buy some special accessories and shoes!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day this year? I will be flying to Tokyo for business for Valentine’s day so my husband and I will celebrate the day before. My husband usually cooks me dinner and we enjoy a romantic dinner after we put our 8 year old to sleep.

What is the best Alexis Hudson gift for Valentine’s Day? Why?Any Alexis Hudson bag – all of our bags are made to build a love connection between a woman and her Alexis Hudson handbag.

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  • brooke

    she is so right about friendships being another “love” relationship to celebrate on Valentines day.

    Just wanted to say thanks for all your valentines day coverage! Last time I visited purseblog I started wondering how close the day actually was, and realised today was the only day I could go shopping before the 14th – my boyfriend would have been totally presentless if it werent for you!

    Brooke xx

  • hazel

    I would def choose dinner over a movie, a movie doesn’t really work unless maybe you are watching it at home and can talk or cuddle up on the couch

  • renier

    i agree with hazel above me, but im tired of doing the same old, same old. A weekend retreat would be nice (or even a one day), lets say like for those that live in south florida, to take a drive down to key west, have a picnic, go snorkeling or fishing, jet-skiing, and just generally do more of an active/scenic thing. I’d prefer any movie at home to be honest.

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