In part two of our ongoing designer interview series, we had the pleasure of meeting the awarded accessories designer Devi Kroell. With all the hype surrounding the person, the omnipresent name, the industry recognition for her work, Vlad and I had a tingling feeling of nervousness entering the building in which we were scheduled to meet her at. Her showroom was literally packed with accessories from her current lineup, fall collections, big shipping boxes and a handful of computer desks occupied by Devi’s busy staff, scouring media and working PR contacts. There was not much room to navigate, but we were assured that the operation was going to move to a bigger showroom soon. As long as there was a place for us to view all of the beautiful handbags, we were happy.

Devi KroellRight as she entered the room, we felt quite at ease. The young designer struck us as amazingly chic and stunning, and well-spoken with a hint of an accent. ‘You are Austrian, does that mean you speak German?’ Vlad asked to break the ice. Devi, it turns out, does speak German fluently, along with half a dozen other languages, including Indonesian. As Devi and Vlad conversed in German for a few minutes, I smiled and felt my lack of worldliness becoming disadvantageous.

We learned that Devi has lived around the world, from Europe to Far-East Asia and taken in inspiration from the various cultures, places, and people she had seen and met. Her designs are sleek and clean, offering exciting exotics that come together divinely. The designer is probably best known for her box clutches, slouchy hobos, and exotic roots. In fact, Devi took a risk and entered the luxury exotics market before exotics were the next big thing. The risk has definitely paid off and turned her elegant and chic style into the well-known brand that it is today.

We sat down for 45 minutes and learned more about Devi, the person and the designer. Enjoy!

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