We don’t cover Marni all that often, but many times when we do we praise the brand for their sleek, minimal, and geometric designs. But this bag is a giant purple-people-eater-flop. I’ll give credit where credit is due and say the leather looks nice. Otherwise I am not keen on any design element and the overall appearance is really just silly. It is like a casual yoga bag meets high priced price tag with a weird out-of-place ribbon dangling on the front.

Marni, what were you thinking with your Ribbon-Trimmed Square Leather Tote?

Can you say bag flop? This bag is awkward, oddly shaped, weirdly colored, and ridiculously accessorized. When it first showed up in Net-A-Porter, I remember cringing ever so slightly. It is not that I expect to like every bag I see, but I typically am not confused by them.

The purpley-blue leather is put together in a square shaped tote which features double top handles, an adjustable shoulder strap, and a front compartment. Then there is a black self-tie ribbon dangling haphazardly at the front. The only other positive note I can give this bag is that it doesn’t look awful styled on the model at NAP. Do you agree? Buy via NAP for $860.

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  • Karin bag4bag

    Oh dear ! The purple shine looks like that shiny PVC fake leather that has a very strong smell ! This bag is shocking. Purple can be a wonderful color for a bag, but not this shade ! The handles are ugly. The black ribbon tie-is it in case you lose a shoe lace ?
    It is a large purple disaster…

  • Megan

    The poor ribbon just looks limp and tired. Like someone hot glue gunned a craft store ribbon worth 1$ onto the front of their bag.

  • edoardo

    PArticular, I don’t know but the risk is too appear extremely cheap with this bag!


  • BooIn


  • Lorie

    Looks like you could untie the limp bow, unsnap it and fold it out to make a stadium seat.

  • Zusy

    Lol! Looks like the perfect bag for the purple character in the mcdonald’s team!

  • Alycia

    Why would you call this a “ribbon-trimmed tote?” When did “ribbon-trimmed” start meaning “sad-sack bow??”

  • Lori

    Oh crap, I kinda like it. If it was a lovely color, I would be sold. I am a sucker for a ribbon on a bag.

    • 19yearslater

      Me, too! The color is lovely to me, and the shape isn’t bad either.

  • Inger

    Wrong proportions overall, this is not a bag to wear at all!

  • Blaine

    Yes what were they thinking with the dumpy diarrhea ribbon? Were the color and shape too spot-on?

  • Mochababe73

    The color is a little too Easter Egg for me. The bow is a little sad. One with more structure, larger, and in black leather would have been prettier. But, I don’t think that the bow goes with the style.
    If I had one, I would probably just remove it.

  • rikygio

    Really don’t like this bag’s leather, expecially with this color!

    Riccardo http://www.playbasket.it

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