Marc Jacobs Pre-Fall 2013

Yes, yes, I know. Pre-Fall 2013. That’s totally ridiculous, especially when you consider that according to the calendar, it’s technically still Fall 2012. Fashion slows for no woman, though, and we thought that the bags from Marc Jacobs Pre-Fall 2013 were definitely worth seeing, especially before the collection’s Moda Operandi pre-sale ends tonight, December 4, at 11 p.m.

Jacobs’ accessories have struggled a bit to find their voice since the smash-hit Stam Bag came out in the early 2000s, but lately things have felt a bit fresher. Pre-Fall 2013 expands on that progress, with modern-feeling shoulder bags with just a little bit of old-school inflection. The basic shapes provide a nice canvas for bags in two major color categories, and the clear winners are the blush-based bags. Also of note, two shoulder bags covered liberally in studs, which make the embellishment feel far more refined and feminine than you’d ever imagine. If you see something you like, you might be in luck – this collection is quite well-priced, with most of the bags coming in at under $1,600. Check out all of the bags below or shop the sale via Moda Operandi.

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