Marc Jacobs Engaged The gossip mills are churning as news breaks that Marc Jacobs and his ad executive boyfriend, Lorenzo Martone, are engaged. The couple has been together for about a year. The duo is said to go public with their engagement news on Thursday when they arrive in Brazil wearing rings. No information on a wedding date yet.

Congratulations to Marc and Lorenzo from the Purse Blog team! We are looking forward to hearing more!

[story via WWD]

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  • Sweet Pea

    Congratulations Marc and Lorenzo!!! I wish you two much happiness!!! LAWD they are both fine!!!!

  • hindel


  • Merve

    Tadpolenyc….u could have filled us in on yr client getting engaged :)

  • lark

    Congratulations Marc and Lorenzo!!! I wish you two much happiness!!! LAWD they are both fine!!!! handbags

  • tadpolenyc

    merve, i wanted it to be a surprise. i’ll be making a comment later this afternoon. ;)

  • Laura

    Congrats to them both…

  • karolynka

    too bad they’ so hot..but congratulations anyways..hope marc can find his peace and love filled way..can you imagine the clothes??? to die for…

  • julie

    congrats marc!

  • Dina

    Wow, congrats guys! You are both hot–what a beautiful couple!!! :-)

  • gracieo

    Best wishes to Marc and Lorenzo ..and yes they are a beautiful couple. :o)

  • Jessica

    That’s so great! Congrats, Marc!

  • hazel

    Awww, that’s awesome! =D Go love!

  • Ji

    Congrats to the hotties!^^

  • pursemonkey

    They make such a beautiful couple. I wish the two of them a lifetime of happiness together!

  • stella

    two hot guys, great taste Marc. Congrats to both of you and I wish you two the best.

  • Julia

    I heard a snippet of this news on the radio. I wouldn’t think a Hip hop/RnB station would be actually announcing this. Wow congrats to them!! Hott-ies!

  • Otter

    He married himself. Congrats. Kinda like Mick and Biana in the 70’s.

  • Jen

    And they bought property! Imagine that, Marc Jacobs with property!

  • sarmistha.

    Gr8 man! Gud chose, you both luk damn hot 2gether. Wishing both a happy life.

  • Candy

    nice for you both and wish you all best

  • mariah

    i dnt think the west understand God’s institution of marriage.when God created us,he did’nt create man and man,he created man and guys are committing an abomination before God.

  • toast

    Ah yes, the stunning “Adam and Eve, Not Adam and Steve” theodicy. Still as unconvincing as ever. mariah, your god’s a big boy, I’m sure he can stick up for himself without your help.

    Anyway, I’m happy for the couple. Lol’d at the comment that he’s marrying himself. He totally is!

  • mariam

    I cannt agree more mariah, ur the one :)

  • mariam

    I cannt agree more mariah.. Ur the star :)

  • Kendra

    I’m so happy for them! Congratulations!! (fb)

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