Marc by Marc Jacobs Colors

Now that summer is knocking on our doors, it is time to bring out our bright and bold colors in full force. I have pulled out my yellow Botkier Morgan for our vacation we are going on today and bringing a bright green Line Pelle clutch as well. Forget the Marc Jacobs handbag line, go to Marc by Marc Jacobs for colors! From clutches to totes to shoulder bags to shoes, Marc by Marc Jacobs infuses fun and vibrant colors for the spring and summer season. They have the ever popular Dr. Q line, remember how much everyone loved the Doctor bag?, along with many other options. Shop Marc by Marc Jacobs at Net A Porter.

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  • bouncy

    Here is a visual set of very colorful purses by ricci! i love how it looks!

  • shannon

    Gorgeous colors! They make me happy. :)

  • Otter

    i have a kelly green quilted Marc Jacobs bag (not Marc by Marc Jacobs) from three springs ago. It is quilted with gold lock hardware (some of the first gold hardware he came out with). Anyway, my point was not to brag, but to simply say that I am so glad that these colors are back ’cause I’m gonna whip that pretty baby out tomorrow. Wooooo hoooooo.

  • justa9url

    The purple and green is GORGEOUS!!! But that exact green bag is too floppy.

  • chirpy_gal

    I love the shoes :)

  • me

    I love the colour, its great all year round but especially for summer!

  • Kendra

    Great colors! (fb)

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