Gifts for Dad

If your dad is anything like mine, he’s a little hard to shop for. Not only does he generally tend to buy whatever he wants for himself before anyone gets the opportunity to give it to him, but he’s retired, so I can’t fall back on reliable gifts like ties, cufflinks or interesting pieces for his desk or office. If you’re shopping for luxury gifts for your dad, you’re probably in a simular situation – what do you get for a man whose primary activities are going to the gym and exploring iTunes? (Or, in the case of many retired dads, playing golf and…playing more golf.)

After careful situation, we think we’ve got a good selection to get you headed in the right direction when you’re shopping for your pop. Our first piece of advice? Splurge a little bit on your parents. They’ve probably given a lot to (and for) you over the years, and now’s the time in life to show them how much you appreciate it.

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