The Classic Dad

Danny Tanner of Full House and the Polo Ralph Lauren Canvas Messenger Bag

If you’re around my age, Danny Tanner likely stands out in your mind as the kindest, most benevolent of TV dads. He was all about his girls, and for him, a simple, traditional, functional bag without too many stylistic flourishes would work beautifully. After all, he has lots of Bay Area picnics to pack for. $178 via Bloomingdale’s.

Danny Tanner and Polo Ralph Lauren Canvas Messenger Bag
  • dnfl

    what about phil dunphy of mod fam? he came to mind once i saw ed o’niell’s character haha

    • Amanda Mull

      I thought about including him too, but I think I’d put him in the “classic dad” category along with the Danny Tanners of the world.

  • thescm

    Such a creative post idea! Nicely done.

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