Jack Spade Coal Tote Featured

Now that the calendar has officially rolled over into August, young men and women across the country are preparing to head off to college, either for the first time or as season university professionals. Either way, everyone who’s going will need a good, sturdy bag to lug around campus, and we thought we would take this Man Bag Monday opportunity to introduce future and current collegians alike to a half dozen school bags that are also pretty good-looking, in addition to being practical.

If you’re a mother, big sister or girlfriend of a dude who’s headed off to college and you want him to start presenting himself like the adult he’s about to become, sending him off with a great bag as a gift is among the best ways to do it. With that in mind, we’ve picked some basics from accessible brands like Filson and Jack Spade that don’t require a keen fashion sense to appreciate. You can even draw on one of them like a chalkboard.

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    Man bag Monday is just not the same without the man bag candy …

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