If you’re in the New York City area, then you know that this weekend was positively magical, weather-wise. The mornings held that first note of fall crispness, and although it got warmer in the afternoons, you could wear pants without sweating through them. It was perfect, and it had me thinking immediately of the rich textures that come with fall dressing. That’s true for men, too, which is why we’re loving the Valextra Suede Messenger Bag this week. (more…)

I’ve never thought of anything as a “commuter bag” before, but if you live in a place where much of your moving about is done by public transportation, you know one when you see one. No matter whether the bag will be carried by a man or woman, it needs to have plenty of space, multiple pockets, a full top closure and a strong, comfortable shoulder strap, at the very least. True to its name, the Coach Legacy Utility Flap Commuter Bag has all that and more. (more…)

Most men, no matter their sexual orientation, personal style or level of comfort with their masculinity, don’t really want to look like they’re carrying a purse. Even if the bag is intended for women and the male owner is fine with that, dudes seem to gravitate more toward unisex shapes like totes and satchels in dark, neutral colors. Men’s accessories lines seem to understand that, which is perhaps why men’s hobo bags< are comparatively rare - they look more purse-y than most customers are comfortable with.

I hadn't even considered the dearth of men's hobos until I came across the Belstaff Tye Full-Grain Leather Tote Bag. Notably, the brand doesn’t even refer to it as a hobo bag, and hobos generally have one strap instead of two. It’s meant to be carried on the shoulder, though, and the wide-set handle attachments mean that we all intuitively know what this bag is.

From a single photo, it’s hard to understand just how big this bag is. It’s enormous, which probably helps it feel less like a purse to prospective male customers who have an issue with that sort of thing. The size makes the design a little awkward, though, but I would very much like to get my hands on some of that gorgeous leather. Buy through Mr. Porter for $2,295.

A lot of girls steal T-shirts from their boyfriends. I knew a few in college who stole hats, but that may have been unique to my location – southerners love a ball cap. I’ve known a girl to steal a pair of boxers here and there, but that’s sort of gross. Personally, I aspire to date the kind of guy from whom I could steal bags, and today, that aspiration applies specifically to the MCM Munich Lion Weekender Bag. (more…)

Now that the calendar has officially rolled over into August, young men and women across the country are preparing to head off to college, either for the first time or as season university professionals. Either way, everyone who’s going will need a good, sturdy bag to lug around campus, and we thought we would take this Man Bag Monday opportunity to introduce future and current collegians alike to a half dozen school bags that are also pretty good-looking, in addition to being practical.

If you’re a mother, big sister or girlfriend of a dude who’s headed off to college and you want him to start presenting himself like the adult he’s about to become, sending him off with a great bag as a gift is among the best ways to do it. With that in mind, we’ve picked some basics from accessible brands like Filson and Jack Spade that don’t require a keen fashion sense to appreciate. You can even draw on one of them like a chalkboard.

At first, the phrase Raf Simons x Eastpak Satin Backpacks sounds ridiculous. Raf Simons, creative director at Christian Effing Dior, not only made some backpacks for back-to-school staple brand Eastpak, but they’re satin? Despite the fact that I’m staring at the photos of said bags, and that I know Simons and Eastpak have collaborated three times before, it’s still not quite clicking for me, and that just makes me like the whole thing more.

Not that there’s not plenty to like to begin with. The backpacks are a minimalist take on exactly what you carried to school when you were 12, made by exactly the same company, unless you were one of the kids whose mom would make a special trip to a sporting goods store to get you a JanSport. (My mom was not about that life.) Raf Simons is…well, he’s Raf Simons, and we’ve already covered that. That the two should ever meet is almost comical, and it’s funnier yet that the collaboration should work itself out into something some simply luxurious. The two parties have come together before, but these backpacks are easily the best of the duo’s works.

For something that Raf Simons had a hand in designing, the prices also aren’t too terrible. The bags will set you back $295 via Mr. Porter in aubergine and navy. Ladies, don’t be deterred by the fact that they’re technically mens’ bags. Not that you would be, of course.

There are certain sartorial advantages to being female. Not only do we get the broader selection of styles, colors and prints to choose from in women’s clothing, but we can borrow from the boys at will. If we do, we’re just being edgy and androgynous, and no one accuses us of not “acting our gender” simply for having the temerity to like a men’s bag. Being female makes our lives harder in some ways, but that’s not one of them. What of the men who like women’s bags, though?

Some of you know that I got my start with PurseBlog as a moderator at PurseForum way back when I was still in college, and back then, it always surprised me that you’d occasionally see people insulting male posters for carrying a women’s bag. American men generally don’t break those kinds of taboos easily, and if that’s what a guy wants to carry, why would it bother anyone else? Especially enough to purposefully hurt the feelings of a stranger? (Some of you who spend a lot of time on the Internet are laughing at this right now, because comment sections! That’s all they’re for!) I hoping that perhaps some people’s minds have opened a bit since then, but you never know.

In the intervening years, a few things have changed. Not only have men’s bags become much more mainstream and luxurious, but “new minimalism” means that a lot of women’s bags have a more androgynous feel as well. If a guy, gay or straight, is fashion-conscious, I can see how he might be tempted to wade into the shallow waters of big, neutral handbags like the black Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour above. Hedi Slimane’s aesthetic is kind of unisex to begin with, and that bag is simple enough to look at home in a variety of hands. (Even if it is a Birkin ripoff.)

So dudes, weigh in – if you saw a women’s bag you liked, would you make it yours? And if you wouldn’t, is it because you’re nervous about what people might think? Pick up that Saint Laurent bag for $2,950 via Net-a-Porter.

I have a very hard time paying more for a gadget case than for the gadget itself. As luxury customers, we deal with crazy prices all the time, but juxtaposing the price of an inanimate leather case with that of an incredibly powerful computer or phone only serves to bring the price insanity into stark relief. Despite the fact that the Alexander McQueen Camouflage Python Laptop Case costs as much as my computer did, though, I’m still intrigued.

It must be said: those in the market for a python laptop case in a trendy print like camouflage probably don’t experience much price shock in their lives, least of which for something in the low four figures. For that matter, those people likely don’t even know how much their laptop cost. They probably sent someone at a lower pay grade to pick it up for them, and they don’t look at their own credit card statements. It must be fun to be that person. Unfortunately, I am not that person. You probably aren’t either, unless you’re currently having someone read this blog post to you aloud.

Anyway, back to the point: when you’re hauling around a computer that costs less than two grand, which almost all laptops now do, encasing it in something that expensive might seem a little ridiculous. The more I think about it, though, the contents of my handbag rarely add up to more in value than the bag itself (an eight-year-old Marc Jacobs card case, a pair of Ray-Bans and an iPhone with a cartoon Frankenstein case don’t add up to that much), and this is a pretty good-looking case for those of you who have to haul a laptop. Camouflage: it’s officially a thing. Buy through SSENSE for $1,995.

I’m always suspicious of anything that bills itself as “reversible,” especially when it comes to high-dollar bags. Most reversible items have one side that you and everyone else knows is the real side that you’re supposed to see, and then a lining that can be flipped out in a pinch, like if someone spills coffee on you. Normally, buying a reversible item, whether it’s a raincoat, T-shirt or bag, is something that sounds like a good idea at the time and then it’s a feature you promptly forget about. Much to my surprise and delight, that’s absolutely not the case with the Marc by Marc Jacobs Two-Pock Biggie Reversible Tote. (And, I mean, THAT NAME.) (more…)

Men’s luxury bags and accessories used to be a woefully underserved market, but you wouldn’t know that based on all the beautiful things that have graced the runways during the current men’s show season. We’ve got some exclusive images on the way from several Italian shows, but for right now, we’d like to take you into the American road trip-inspired world of Louis Vuitton Spring 2014 Men’s Bags and Accessories. Now this is a vacation we’d like to take.

These official images from Vuitton show a collection of accessories that are, in several ways, traditional. Not only do they recall the satchels, backpacks and duffel bags that men have been using on road trips for years, but they combine those familiar silhouettes with classic Vuitton signatures, like several plays on the well-known Damier check pattern. Those include perforations both exaggerated and infinitely small, plus a number of different scale options rendered in beautiful tan and sage green leathers. Oh, and those wildflower pins that the models are wearing? Those are all hand-made out of feathers. Check out all the photos below.

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