The beginning of summer may seem like an odd time to buy a backpack – after all, they’re most often associated with school, which is just now drawing to a close – but the season calls for bags that are casual, lightweight and hands-free. Outdoor music festivals, days in the park, picnics, maybe even a light hike: all of these activities would benefit from having your man well-equipped with a great backpack, if only so that you can leave your own accessories at home and spend the day truly hands free. After years of letting your husband or boyfriend put his wallet and phone in your purse, you deserve a bit of a respite too.

Thus, we present you with a selection of backpacks, starting at $35, that will serve you well even if your school days are long gone. And as always, the best thing about Man Bag Monday is that the pieces can very easily be enjoyed by women as well, so ladies, start planning your outdoor accessories accordingly. It’s only going to get more beautiful outside from here.

Epperson Mountaineering Large Climb Pack, $195 via Park & Bond

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  • belle

    finally, a collection real man can wear :)

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