For the past few years, we’ve done more robust gift guides for the men in your life, but (if I may be candid for a moment) no one reads them. And that’s ok, I understand. I don’t really like putting them together, because dude gifts aren’t all that fun. For most of us, the men in our lives aren’t looking for something super-stylish or luxurious, and as much as we want to give them fancy things, they probably won’t appreciate them fully. The solution? Fancy Lite.

In the women’s market (and also in the men’s market, probably, but stick with me here), the three gifts above would be in the “contemporary” price range, but I think that term betrays the classic sensibility that these three potential gifts provide. That makes them ideal for men at lots of different ages; I could see this watch on my retired father as easily as I could see it on my most recent OkCupid date. (I don’t have a boyfriend. Again, stick with me here.) So no matter if you’re buying for a parent, a boyfriend or a brother, these three ideas will set you in the right direction.

Coach Bleecker Legacy Courier Bag
$398 via Coach

Coach Bleecker Legacy Courier Bag

Miansai M2 White Watch with Leather Band
$375 via East Dane

Miansai M2 White Watch with Leather Band

Paul Smith Camouflage Billfold Wallet
$250 via Mr. Porter

Paul Smith Camouflage Billfold Wallet

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  • tex

    Oh Amanda, I read those blogs. I actually make a point to read all of your blogs because I enjoy your witty comments. They make me smile even when I am down right grumpy.

    • Amanda Mull

      Aww, thank you! That’s so sweet of you to say. Totally made my day!

      • Lilay

        I second that! I never need to check the name because I can who wrote it just by reading!

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