Every Monday I try to figure out what bags men like. The majority of men in my life have never had a bag other than their work briefcases. But I am always attempting to help them branch out and I am sure many of you are doing the same.

Today I found myself drawn to the A.P.C. Plaid Weekend Bag. Plaid has both a manly and stylish side to it and the blue, orange, cream combo looks current yet rugged.

A.P.C. Plaid Weekend Bag, $290 via Mr.Porter

The color and pattern reminds me of an old couch, and not in a bad way. I literally want to cuddle with this bag. I want Vlad to take it on our next weekend trip and when it gets a little chilly, I will turn to this bag and think it will keep me warm and cozy. I know bags are not intended to do that, but is that really too much to ask of man bags?

Truth be told, this bag is a great weekend option. The rough cotton will be durable and the colors will not show wear easily. At first I thought it would also work as a day-to-day bag for the dude that needs to carry lots of things, but the size might be a bit too large for that (20″ x 13″ x 6″). Buy for a very reasonable $290 via Mr.Porter.

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  • Mak Maria

    Too boxy!

  • mochababe73

    I think that it’s a little small for even a weekender. Also, most men like a bag that also has a shoulder strap. This one really needs a strap so that it can be worn crossbody.
    Not liking this one for my man.

  • Perry P

    I prefer a good classic messenger/school boy messenger bag. I enjoy Mulberry bags, butnot their fabric straps, which should be leather by the way. I like the unisex product of the PS1 and the Cambridge Satchel Company. Messenger Mondays!

  • Jackie

    AH! This bag is sooo cute! If I were a dog I would want this to be my bed/carrier! I just wanna hold it and snuggle with it and fall asleep on it! A nice brown leather strap would’ve been a great addition but I so agree with you with just about everything. Thanks for sharing!

    I would love for a boyfriend to have this but I don’t think anyone who would be my bf would carry this… if that makes any sense. Lol.

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