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  • Fiona

    I went to LV to buy a Capucines and left with a W, which I find easier to wear…

  • Oh I adore the second one ( the chocolate one). The monogram seems like velvet !

  • marina harbor

    I actually don’t like the shape!

    • ahhhsoneo

      me neither:(

  • twoturntables

    I do like the second one. I’m firmly in the camp of monogram haters. :)

    • I really like the second one too – it’s so interesting!

    • anika

      monogram hater here too! :)

  • anika

    love the structured shape, the 2nd one’s the best i think. “celine” i believe was the first one to release this shape type.

  • QuelleFromage

    Birkin much? I think it’s quite beautiful, actually, but it has semi-Birk handles and a Celine shape. I also think it would be MUCH more chic without the monogram.

  • Toy Bag

    I love Louis Vuitton’s classic designs. The Louis Vuitton W Bag looks very much like the Celine bag.

  • armbasket

    I do like the shape of the bag, a modified Celine look, but hoping for a non-monogram version in the future.

  • voguecheap

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  • Judy Cramer Merritt

    Love it!!!

  • Tiffany

    I have the 4th style! I love it! Hubby got it for me when we were in Cali!
    Rodeo drive!

  • Velvet Curtain

    was there only 3made in the world of the second bag back in July? There is a girl saying that she owns 1 of only 3 of them made in the world!!

    • Alex

      Yes there was only three made of the W GM.

  • Vicki

    The monogram edged one with the caramel center is a complete sell out already. They won’t even take an order for one. I really loved it and am disappointed.

  • Timu noke

    All products are original and brand new in the box.

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    ( dropship )
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    ||—-w |
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