Reese Witherspoon carries a red Louis Vuitton Noe BB Bag in Los Angeles (5)

Here’s a very sporty Reese Witherspoon, carrying a cheerful cherry red Louis Vuitton Epi Noe Bag. Louis Vuitton is putting special emphasis (or re-emphasis, as the case may be) on this classic design for 2013 – they’ve even rolled out a miniaturized Noe BB version, but it appears as though Reese is carrying the full size version here. As of this posting, there’s only an empty holding page for the Petit Noe BB, but you can purchase the Louis Vuitton Petite Noe (which is in between the regular and BB Noe, size-wise) for $1,530 at Louis Vuitton.

A fun fact that many of you hardcore Louis Vuitton afficionados might already be aware of: the Noe was first designed to fit a bottle of champagne! (When the free paper bag from the liquor store simply won’t suffice.) I seriously doubt the Petit Noe can make that same claim, but maybe it’s big enough for a piccolo or two?

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  • Edia

    it actually was designed to hold five bottles of champagne ;3

  • Guest

    Sporty? Looks like she pulled that shirt straight out of the laundry hamper! And look at those threads hanging from the hem of her skirt. Even a gorgeous LV Noe can’t mask sloth.

  • Lilly

    Sadly, that skirt probably cost more than I make in a week. Cute bag.

  • shueaddict

    this girl does the best casual look. She seems effortlessly comfortable as the “girl next door” .. until of course you notice her LV bag or say Chole sandals. Still, I love the simplicity of her day outfits.

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