It’s finally Friday, and we are ending the week with a little Louis Vuitton fun with photos! Photographer Vincent Bousserez had an idea similar to the movie Night at the Museum, but in this case, the Louis Vuitton Champs-Elysees store comes to life at night, and tiny figures take care and engage with beloved Louis Vuitton items. The photos are whimsical and magical and bring back childhood feelings of tiny little people taking care of our world when we are asleep.

While some of the miniatures are hard at work keeping Louis Vuitton items clean, others are playing golf amidst Monogram canvas. I don’t know which is my favorite, because they all give me such a feeling of joy. Peruse the photos by clicking below and visit Louis Vuitton for more info.

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  • Minie

    Still talking about SS???? For me it is too old story and past sentence sorry! Wish you can up date more about up coming AW collection or little more about Yayoi Kusama’s collection………found your blog is a bit slow compare to others I am afraid. Cheers.

    • Baggalicious

      Gosh, don’t be such a rude b****, if you can find a better and more up to date blog than this one, go spew your nasty comments there. If not, then STFU. (btw, you could spend your free time, which you seem to have a lot of, learning fluent and coherent English instead Just a suggestion?) 

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        post things that the public isn’t supposed to know yet. http://SpecialWork4.notlong.com

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    • 19yearslater

      What? If that information’s out there on other blogs, why don’t you go there and look for it? Seems like you’re seeking insider information and as this is a legitimate blog they don’t post things that the public isn’t supposed to know yet.

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    I know these bags.

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  • http://www.helpforheroes.org.uk/shop/categories/Women/Accessories women’s accessories

    Goodness! These photos are lovely. Looking at those tiny little people has made me wistful. The concept for this Louis Vuitton photography is whimsical indeed.

  • Monica

    so cute!! love it - 


  • Dgoodman613

    I love these photos. They combine my two favorite things (handbags & photography). Are prints available for purchase?

  • Silversun

    These are gorgeous and so whimsical! Love.

  • 19yearslater

    These are simply adorable. Love them.

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  • MizzJ

    Such a cute concept and really clever how they placed some of these figures, like the golf and beach ones.


  • Victoriaz

    really really creative and cute! love these little people!
    I would love to get some in my store  haha

  • KoutureCrochet

    I’m not impressed, the idea was cool but all the “toys” are white, too small and a bit too stiff. I sort of wood have loved to see LV teddy bears and toy soilders and lv nut crackers and so on ThT would have been coolers.

  • Fashiondoesntexist
  • IT Support

    The fine crasftsmanship is what makes handbags valuable, not just the look and design. This is amazing.

  • Raquel

    just amazing !!! love those pictures so funny and so beautiful !!

  • bry_dee

    The macro shots are very nicely done!


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