Louis Vuitton Speedy Damier

Guess what, Megs did some shopping and her new bag arrived last night. No use in keeping it a big secret, I am sure that our avid readers already know what it is… you still wanna head over to the forum thread and check out the pictures I took this morning. Congrats on the new bag love, now you can pay attention to me again!

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  • Elana

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Bravo!

  • Alice

    Congratulation!!!! XD

  • Hmmm

    how come ur bag is made in USA? it should be made in france.

  • LV bags are made in France, Spain and the USA. That’s the countries that come to my mind atm.

  • Mam


  • bagsohbags

    Hi, have you seen an LV speedy lock that are made in USA? Or they are all made in France? Thanks.

  • Naggy

    Congrats on your purchase. (ipad)

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