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  • Regina

    Wow love these new colors. Beautiful

  • abigail

    that pastel purple is so gorgeous!! especially on that little louise epi bag!!

  • Man Bagger

    For the LV Cabas totes, what are the buttons for? #socuriouis

    • Mary Rose Lord

      They are snaps and can cinch the bag to give a look similar to the neverfull with the strings pulled :). Saw it in person this past weekend!

  • Zezza

    Ohh la la … The pale pink is to die for ….. Epi leather is nice but expensive

  • Joanna

    The lilac colors are divine.

  • k8

    I love the Epi bags but I didn’t care for the pastel colors when I saw them in person. Cute for Easter though. Hopefully they’ll have new colors out for fall!

  • 1baglover

    I agree! The pinks are gorgeous!

  • aliceeeh

    When will these be available? Want one ASAP

  • lili

    Oo so sopan sekali. Perfect

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    I so need to save for one!

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