Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Bellevue PM Easy to clean, the Louis Vuitton Vernis line has become a LV favorite. The Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Bellevue PM sports triangular sides on the new (and perfect for Valentine’s Day I might add) Violette color. The vernis is monogram embossed patent leather and is accented with natural cowhide trim.

The nameplate on the front of the bag spotlights the Old English Louis Vuitton signature. Having a zip top closure, this handbag becomes perfect to carry an array of things without worrying about anything falling out. Dimensions are 14.8″x 8.9″x 7″. Buy through eLuxury for $760.

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  • crystal

    :cool: this purse is very fashionable. i would love to have this purse with a jazzy outfit to go with also making shoes would be a plus.

  • Celine

    uggghh, VERY TACKY bag. i hate the vernis line, it’s hideous, but in Bellevue it’s even worse!

  • Tiffany

    Love it!!

    Got great feedbacks EVERYWHERE I go!!

  • gratytude

    does anyone really like this shape?

  • foxyqt

    i love the vernis line! but the bellevue.. hmmm well i can live with the shape altho its not my fav but i’d like to see a different handle/strap

  • ohnini

    I love the Amarante Vernis color. The shape of this looks a little odd, but I would like to see it in person before I judge. I’m a little disappointed at the thin straps…but I like the price! I think I will go check it out. I have never purchased the Vernis line. Does the material wear well?

  • Kojiko

    I love this bag. I just got one 2 days ago. I decided to get Red instead. My mom hated the design but I thought it was cute. The shape is alittle odd but very unique in a tote driven world. The price is also a plus factor. Surprisingly this bag can fit ALOT of stuff. Kudos!!!

  • Sara

    i love the colour

  • Joey

    :smile: It’s very eye catching !

  • Amy Dior

    Hi, I love dis BelleVue PM. I just saw it last sat on 1st March 2008. Got 2 colours , One is Red & Violet.
    Stil Ponderin which colour to get.
    Any Comment?


  • slenderlilac

    I love the vernis line. But Bellevue? hmm I am not sure I like the shape…I wish they shaped it into Speedy instead!…I bet the Vernis material won’t sag like the Monogram Speedy….. :lol:

  • LuVs_LV89

    I never thought of buying this bag, but while i was purchasing the casis epi leather alma, the guy working there suggested this bag.. i wasnt so sure bout it at first because of the shape altho i LUVD the color and size ! Anyways, i tried it on and stuff it wasnt really bad, i ended up buying it in this color and im luving it :D I also got a violet accessory for it, looks even prettier =) !

  • LuVs_LV89

    I never thought of buying this bag, but while i was purchasing the casis epi leather alma, the guy working there suggested this bag.. i wasnt so sure bout it at first because of the shape altho i LUVD the color and size ! Anyways, i tried it on and it wasnt really bad, i ended up buying the GM in this color and im luving it I also got a violet accessory for it, looks even prettier =) !

  • zeD

    I read Tiffany blog, she had Bellevue, i love to know more about it.
    i’m kind in dillema to buy between Bellevue PM or Damier Canvas Alma, any suggestion here?

  • yourstruely

    loveeee this bag! saw it in store the other day. and i definetly want it in pink! cant wait to purchase it!

    • Mina

      I have one pink new.. it was a gift … are you interested?

      • Rima

        hello do you still want to sell your lv bellevue pink bag?

  • lv_rookie

    just got one last Tuesday..bleu nu…havent used it yet though..its my first lv purchase together with the Galliera PM…i was only lurking around the store then found myself buying two..what da heck i think i deserve a little luxury in life anyway…
    my first post too…
    Gud day to you all!

    • lucy

      hi was just wondering how the date code appears on your bag ,could you type cuz i have one but my one is second hand and im confused if it is real,plz

  • Mel

    I purchased the Bellevue PM in red after the SA recommended…and I love it…So many compliments. What makes it fab is that its not as popular at the other LV logo bags and when others find out its Louis they instantly adore it.

  • Then

    I love this color – Violette but can’t find it in the store and even online shopping in US. Anyone see the color in any store?

  • Sara

    Just got the bag in pink for Christmas…sooooo cute….my first LV….I love my husband!!!!!!

    I haven’t worn the bag yet, but it is super cute and the shape and straps work well…and its easy to carry! I don’t care who doesn’t like it, its mine anyway! ;-)

    • KTfashionlover

      Sara, the bellevue you ve got is in what pink???? hot pink? or light one

  • nicole

    I own the bellevue PM in pomme d’ammour and everywhere i go with this bag I hear so many compliments!i love it because it’s not usual.I’ve never seen another woman holding it in my city.IMPRESSIVE??? The majority of women usually carry the classic louis vuitton bags such us the monogram and the damier.Now i really really really want to buy the bleu nuit too!I don’t think i can resist anymore..ha ha!

  • Eli

    Can anyone tell me where the serial number is located?

  • KTfashionlover

    I have just order one on an EBAY in pink, I have not seen it before, Its amazing. The serial number is in the pocket that lining on the side of the bag

  • wes

    this can be a mommy must-have too! yey.. i found an excuse to buy one :P

  • Michelle

    To all of the bellevue owners: do you still love your bag as much as you did a few years ago? Love to hear feedback with respect to ease or lack of ease use as well as durability. I love the bag and am obviously a late bloomer! Many thanks!

  • Sally

    I received the Bellevue PM in Amarante as gift and LOVE it!!! The shape is so modern and different, not the usual monogram canvas that you see everyone and their grandmother carry. Plus, I’ve been told that the line is going to be retired soon so, can you say “collectable”.

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