The new colors of Louis Vuitton Epi Leather

As far as Louis Vuitton goes, their Epi leather is by far my favorite line. The leather is extremely sturdy and can withstand all sorts of wear and use. I have unfortunately spilled things on my Epi Leather wallet and all it takes is a quick swipe of a cloth to clean off the leather.

Louis Vuitton lovers worldwide will be beyond thrilled with the plethora of new Epi Leather colors. Most of the time we expect a couple new colors to be added, but Louis Vuitton has added a shade of every color of the rainbow (15 colors to be exact) and then some for their Spring 2012 line.

The Epi Alma is available in every new colorway, and this is by far one of the most classic and well-received designs by LV over all time. Along with the Alma, there are plenty of other items in Epi leather that are available as well. Louis Vuitton took on colorblocking as well, a trend that has yet to loose traction, and to be honest this is some of the best colorblocking I have seen in a while.

From charms, to card cases, to a variety of bags, the new colorways from the Louis Vuitton Epi collection are a delight for the eyes and the arms.

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  • monica

    I really like the mint color for the alma!

  • Sacastar

    so beautiful !!!

  • tmama

    Unfortunately they have been sold out for months now.

  • Olivera Davidoff

    It’s an epi-’demic’!

  • Jazzy63

    They are all gorgeous!!

  • Marie Martell
  • Liz

    Gorgeous! I’m in love with figue …

  • Ale Semenov

    Orange and Mint… candy colors are nice

  • kaloka

    The rainbow design is just too much.

    • Vlad Dusil

      If you are referring to the top image, that’s our own collage of some of the colors – not a product released by Vuitton.

      • kaloka

        ooppss..that’s why I cant imagine LV creating a bag like that.haha!

      • Kemji007

        Very creative of you but I’m glad in not an LV release.  It sure caught my attention though!

  • Marilou Bohren

    like this style…not very ovious…with all the LV letters… just an opinion.. :)

  • Rashida

    All the colors are so beautiful!  I am a big fan of the EPI!!!!!

  • Movie Junkie

    They are all so yummy!!!

  • Dee

    I love alma! The colors are amazing but the noir electric is my favorite!

  • Louis Vuitton Alma

    Epi Leather Alma is also my favorite

  • Lizyvarghese1969

    i just luv the orange colur

  • Ivy Arnold

    Can someone help me? I want the mint (amande) color so bad and I’ve look everywhere. will they bring it back

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