Louis Vuitton Alma

Louis Vuitton Alma, I bow before thee in deep respect. With a capacity of a Sherman tank, and the discreet elegance of a Rolls-Royce Phantom II, this will be your best friend on the urban business battle grounds. Louis Vuitton shows that they can go even without the classic monogram canvas and still produce a fantastic bag. Like any war, this bag is also very expensive.

  • http://bagcrazy.blogspot.com CrankyBiscuit

    I have this in red, and I get compliments every time I carry it. This is apparently one of Louis Vuitton’s earliest handbag designs, so the shape is classic and timeless.

  • DaisyL80

    I have a Dooney & Bourke bag that is very similar to this. It’s the same shape in D&B signature pebbled leather (black) with polished brass and short shoulder straps. Classic style. Very durable. Perfect for busniess. Perfect for winter. And if LV is out of your price range, this D&B at about $250 or so, is a very affordable alternative.

  • billyjoe

    it’s so plain….no life in it at all! :(

  • preppygurl69

    hi yall i like it i have it but the only thing i dont like about it is nobody cant see thats it LV thats the only problems i have with it i went to LV store last mouth and bought it so it was 3000 dollars but its worth it so yeah

  • srta_natalie

    I agree, the Alma is very chic. What is your take on designer imposter bags? Are they able to pass as the real thing? Aren’t designers cracking down on knock-offs?

  • lv-lover

    i have the alma and luco in the brown monogram canvas, and also have the alma in white multicolor, its a great bag, excellent size fits evrything, very chic sexy and just a gorgeous classic bag, if u can only have 1 lv then make it an alma

  • London girl in Caribbean

    I love this bag. I want to get one as they are quality but I feel that I could always sell it if times got hard.. but do you think it’s best to get the monogrammed one or a plain one?

  • louis vuitton girl27

    I love louis vuitton I have a couple, but I have to say I am not a fan of this one, I like the Alma design. But the material is very boring, and it’s harder to tell it’s a louis. I prefer the monogram print myself.

  • amy

    OK, What is it about the epi alma that is so great? I think it has a cheap stiff plastic look. Am I wrong?

  • obi

    i have an alma in epi leather and i feel like a granny when i carry it… i have never been able to pull it off…i still wonder wether i bought a fake even if it was bought from an lv store. the leather looks so plastic…

  • Pink

    I have this bag that my mom got decades ago at LV – it is obviously not a knock off as it has the original printed serial number inside the bag. I agree with people who say that the leather looks like plastic – it’s so hard that it even feels like plastic. For the price I think it is totally not worth it. I’m surprised this design is still around!

  • Louise

    I have the alma in brown monogrammed canvas, with matching leather strap. I love it! My first designer purchase, i shall cherish it forever! I am now after the speedy though in brown damier! eheh! I agree though, the epi leather is so plain and boring, it looks cheap to me.

  • stephanie

    i have it in the damier ebene, it looks so much better in real life.. it’s just a classic, my SA told me it was originally made for coco chanel? hahah i don’t know if thats true!

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  • junesun1983

    I brought an ALMA bag and the code is BA0927, but it has no mobile phone pocket inside, just the open pocket. Is it because that it is an old version?

  • carissa

    3000 for that ugly bag I wouldnt pay 300.

  • TARA


  • socialitesales

    I have a new Bleu Nuit Nis Alma PM but can’t find the date code. Does anyone know where it is? There is a leather tag inside that says Louis Vuitton, Paris, Made in France but I don’t see a code anywhere.


  • Denice

    Does anyone know how to tell if an Alma bag is a fake?

    • rosita

      I will like to know too..

  • j0an

    yes, can someone post pics of older versions of the Alma?
    are there differences between the older ones and the new ones?

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  • Louise

    Saw one of these but I thought it was fake. The inside serial number was M51130. I searched the number and nothing came up online. There was no LV label on the inside even though the inside was suede.

    There was a small cellphone-ish pocket but… I don’t know the outside bottom trim was coming off and it looked plastic so I walked away. Can anyone be a LV detective on this? Did I miss a LV? Talk to me grrls.

  • Naggy

    This is an okay bag, but the texture is what really stands out more so. (ipad)

  • KY

    I really love this bag!! (ipad)

  • wonderwoman

    I have a question about louis vuitton’s serial number. I am looking at Alma epi bag online and found two sellers. Two bags have the same serial number AR0927. Are serial numbers the same for the same models or each bag has a unique serial number? Help please. Thank you.

  • Agha

    what is the price of this bag in USA?

  • you father

    what is the price of this bag in USA?

  • Tingeling

    Hi, I am thinking of buying an Alma Epi, I love the shape and I am just not a huge fan of the monogram, anyone know if they come in different sizes?

  • sean

    hello im in love with vernis vuitton alma in the red does anyone know if its really huge big enough to be over over sized i know they dont make the gm anymore but the mm they do…i have alot of lv someone please get back to me thankssssssss so much lv lover

  • lvhistorian

    A little off topic, but to dispel some common myths about the Alma:

    Alma was inspired by the Ponte de l’Alma. It is a bridge in Paris. In the early 1900s it was an affluent area of society. Most Louis Vuitton creations are named after streets and bridges in Paris.

    The Alma was not designed by Coco Chanel, nor was it made for her. There is no evidence to support this myth. However, it has been documented that the Alma was the one and only bag Coco Chanel carried which was not of her creation. Although it is not certain why the Alma appealed to her so much, it is generally understood that Coco Chanel and Louis Vuitton were good acquaintances.

    And lastly, Epi leather is not plastic. It is a textured leather that is used for its incredible durability. The Epi line was launched in 1985 and designed as an alternative to hard-sided trunks and lightweight canvas travel pieces. It is known that Epi leather travels well because of it’s ability to withstand heavy use without losing it’s aesthetic integrity.

    I hope this clarifies any misconceptions, and also helps to reassure those of you who may be questioning (or have mixed feelings) about this product.

    If any of you own or have inherited the Alma, or an Epi piece, be proud of the work of art and innovative craftsmanship you hold and share it with the world.

    • Carry

      Actually Coco Chanel was born in 1883 if my memory serves me right, whereas Louis Vuitton died in 1892. So i doubt they were good acquaintances… Also, the first Alma was a special order to Louis Vuitton from Coco Chanel. It was therefore made in 1934, its first name being “Squire Bag” & not Alma. Its name changed to “Champs Elysées” in 1955. It was made again in 1992. Finally, it reappeared in 2010 with a more round shape compared to the original, and now its name is in reference to la place de l’Alma

  • Tingeling

    Yeah, got my Alma yesterday and I must say I love it. I bought it second hand so I didn´t overspend. Even my boyfriend loved it, although I have promised him in past not to buy a LV, (he think’s all of them monogram looks like toilettery bags LOL) And, when I got my hands on a real one the leather is not at all that “plastic” as the fake ones. I think the design is very chic and classic. The black one is not over the top designer bling bling and I love that!
    And thank you for the information about Coco and the Alma, now I will enjoy it even more! I think Coco Chanel is the fashion lady abow all fashion ladies!

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