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  • Love the wallet, but I’m shocked she can drive in those shoes!!!

  • 19yearslater

    I love that wallet. I’m ambivalent about the Kardashians, though I can’t watch their show.

  • pixiegirlie

    Love her outfit, the wallet not so much. I don’t get all the hype for the Kusama colab I don’t like a single item from it.

  • granky161

    Love the wallet and her shoes, her outfit is cute.

  • eli

    I super like this style on her. The laid back look actually suits her better

  • its looks very vbeautiful

  • what do you think of this ?

  • OlayinkaFab

    I need that Wallet with hot pink on it.

  • jess

    yuck, I’m sure thats what her vgina looks like

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