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  • Lilly

    Looks gorgeous, and I love that it doesn’t have any logos, I loather logos.

    • Joshua

      It actually has a metal LV logo in the front. She’s holding the bag flipped in the picture.

  • jebberia

    seems as though she’s also carrying an epi LV suitcase.

  • laura

    Her son looks very stylish, love his outfit. What I can see, the bag looks great but I would like to see the front.

  • jamie

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  • anouk

    WHOA!!!! That expensive!

  • twoturntables

    oh my god! How old is Maddox now? I still pictured him as a little kid. He looks awesome.

  • Eric

    this bag looks gorgeous but i probably will not pay that much for a LV bag…

  • Fiona

    I’ve seen the bag and find it too serious, too structured, the black one, the orange color is gorgeous.

  • Vicki

    Love it -sick of the LV monogram. Too obvious

  • purse lover

    Love the clean and very chic look . I love that it is all leather.

  • Siew

    Can anyone tell me what color is the inner leather.

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