YSL vs Hobo International

With so many handbags on the market, there are always options that can give you a look you love for less. Let’s face it, we don’t all have endless handbag budgets all the time. We have already given you a studded clutch option for less and a Chanel option for less. Now it is time to give you a Leather Hobo Look for Less.

As you know we are huge fans of YSL here at Purse Blog. I recently saw a leather hobo from YSL that was simply beautiful. The YSL Leather Hobo gives you a simple hobo shape, which is integral to your handbag wardrobe, in luxe taurillon leather (taurillion translates to bull-calf from French). The YSL Hobo features a 9″ drop, magnetic closure, and suede lining. Entirely effortless yet everyday usable. Price is $1595 via Saks.

If you love the look of the YSL hobo but do not feel like dishing out $1600, we have found a Look for Less. Bringing you a similar shape and size but a lesser price tag is the Hobo International Amelie Leather Hobo. Why did we pick this bag?

It also features butter leather, a soft and slouchy shape, and a single shoulder strap. The shoulder drop is 14″ versus 9″ from the YSL hobo. The lining is not suede like the YSL bag, rather cotton/rayon lining. But I will not gripe about the lining when the price is 1/6th of the price of the YSL hobo.

If you want to nab the YSL hobo look for less, grab this Hobo International bag via Saks for $268.

Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Chantal

    I actually happen to find the look for less option bag more attractive, I think it’s a matter of proportions and also because of the more elongated shape. I should see it IRL though.

    • JW

      same here

  • Sweet Pea

    I love the look of the YSL and would rather drop the $1600!!!

  • mette

    Absolutely the YSL for me.

  • faisal ali

    vFashion as King is sometimes a very stupid ruler.

  • May Luong

    prefer the look of YSL, and leather hobos from Lucky Brand while still saving for those Roady :)

  • Adrienne zedella

    fantastic! i’ll take either! fb

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