Even though tomorrow starts August, which many people think of as the last bit of summer, the fashion industry is buzzing with the upcoming trends for the fall season. New seasons mean new ideas, and while houndstooth is not new, handbag designers are integrating it into their new collections. I can’t say it is one of my favorite looks, but these three designers came up with a way to make it look fairly chic, and even I might want to carry one.

From the coveted Chloe Elsie to a travel tote from Jil Sander to an affordable satchel from Juicy Couture, I rounded up three houndstooth bags that deserve your attention.

Chloe Elsie Leather and Houndstooth Tweed Shoulder Bag | $1,875 via Net-A-Porter

Juicy Couture Fashion Velour Brogue Houndstooth Flap Satchel | $228 via Endless

Jil Sander Montale Houndstooth-print Leather-trimmed Tote | $1,280 via Net-A-Porter

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  • Kim

    Ferragamo did this best last season.


  • Elegant Tomatoe

    Looks good, but not really all that cool…. Never liked the look :'(

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