The Hermès Birkin is the most iconic and sought-after handbag in the world (even if you don’t like it, it’d be hard to argue otherwise), and that means most fashion lovers have already absorbed a lot of information about how it was conceived, how it’s made and how hard it is to get one.


Recently, Megs responded to one of our readers who was looking to choose between three options to buy her first premier designer bag, and her question got me thinking about how the accessories landscape must look for someone just beginning in 2016.


For whatever reason, I’ve been feeling a little bit of fashion fatigue for the past couple seasons, but thankfully, it seems as though the malaise is lifting; everywhere I look, Fall 2016 deliveries are full of stuff I want to have in my closet immediately.

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Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and although family-oriented holidays can be tricky (if not downright disastrous) for lots of people, everyone probably has one or two fictional, televised mothers for whom they have plenty of unfussy affection.


No matter how long I cover the accessories industry, it never fails to mystify me what it’s possible to buy with a couple mouse clicks after a few too many glasses of wine. Every season, we survey the most expensive new women’s bags on offer in order to look for trends at the top tier of the market, and that’s just what we’ve done today.

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2015 was a bit of a whirlwind for me and to be honest I don’t even know how it came and went so quickly. I was reviewing my 2015 handbag resolutions and can say I did stick to majority of my five resolutions.


We spend plenty of time around here talking about three categories of bags: classics, It Bags and trendy seasonal options. There’s a fourth category, though, that deserves an enormous amount of credit: the workhorses. They captivate customers and fill closets for seasons on end, mostly without the credit they deserve.


It’s finally here! Our third annual National Handbag Day has finally arrived, after a full week of fun and anticipation, and we couldn’t be happier to share this day with you. Check out all the ways we’re planning to celebrate below, and let us know how you’re enjoying your love of bags in the comments.


We’re big fans of self-care, whether that means a solo trip to the movies or a calming nightly skincare ritual. As you might expect, though, handbags are our favorite way to indulge ourselves. Retail therapy is totally a real thing, and when it comes time to shop, you know which section we’re headed to first.


We’ve inched one day closer to our favorite day of the year, National Handbag Day, and we’re still thick in the midst of preparation and celebration. (Not that we don’t celebrate bags every day, because: duh.) Today, we’re taking a close look at some of Fall 2015’s most popular pieces, and I’ve read my tea leaves to see who it is who might be picking these pieces up for the season.


Unless you just woke up from a years-long coma, you’re probably aware that it’s sale season, and you likely have some feelings about that. (And if you did just wake up from a coma: Welcome. It’s sale season.


It probably won’t surprise you to hear that we are staunchly Team Treat Yo’self. Everyday life can be drudgery, and everyone has to find his or her own ways to make it sparkle. Our preferred method is the stalking and eventual acquisition of beautiful accessories, and if you need a little extra encouragement we’ve got it below.

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